The Blood Flew Like Confetti Onto Moretti

You wear white ringside, you deserve what you get, the old timers know…

Especially when you have a battle for turf involving throwbacks Alex Saucedo and Lenny Zappavigna. Coloration on canvas and beyond was near guaranteed, but that didn’t deter Top Rank executive Carl Moretti from hitting the fights in Oklahoma, on a card topped by 168s Zurdo Ramirez and Roamer Angulo, with a shirt color suited for Wimbeldon rather than a sweet science setting.

Moretti, in fact, has been in the game long enough to know better, or do better, if he so chose. But, the NJ resident told me, he was so moved by the action at the Chesapeake Energy Center in Oklahoma City, by the ebb and flow which saw Z get buzzed bad, then roar back a round later with a flurry from hell, before getting stopped out in round seven, that he didn’t give a hoot about his attire.

Early Sunday afternoon, I messaged Moretti.

So, I asked, did you wash your shirt yet?

“No. Had both guys sign it-and will probably frame it,” he replied.

Smart move…

I had Tweeted out my insight into the staining the night of the tango. Shout Wipes might be in order, I noted.

He’d either need a new shirt, unless he has the best dry cleaner on the planet…

So, was that the bloodiest he’d ever been, while on site at a fight? “No,” Moretti said. “Juan Diaz- Elezar Contreras on NBC (in 2003) and an early Gatti fight, or two.”

And specifics, please. Did that tie-dye come from splatters…or hugging, or what?


OK, and who owes him a new shirt…whose DNA was more so on his body? Z’s or Saucedos?’

See screen splatter above


“Alexes,” he replied.

My three cents: No worries, Alex. Moretti won’t be sending you a bill. “My thougts on the fight? That old adage-styles make fights–here was example 1 and 1A. Clearly a Fight of the Year leader along with Oscar Valdez v Scott Quigg (also ESPN). Much respect to both guys and shows a pair of balls can usually overcome a lot! Alex will take a couple of weeks off; join his TR boxer stablemates at the ESPYs (ceremony date is July 18) and be ready for his mandated title fight against (WBO 140 champ) Maurice Hooker.”

Michael Woods
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