5 Tips for Running in the Cold

A big piece of improvement is just consistency! Don’t let a little chill disrupt your roadwork plan.

Here are 5 tips you can use to get through this winter.

Stay Motivated

We get it – it’s hard to pull yourself outside when it’s cold. So give yourself zero options. Find someone to run with. Committing to a meeting time can give you the extra push out the door. If you can’t find someone to run with, join a challenge online (on a site like Commit!

Stay Visible

Simple: make sure people (mostly in vehicles) can see you. Limited day light & snow banks all contribute to bad visibility. Wear reflective gear and throw on some lights. We’re big fans of headlamps like this, and also usually carry a small flashlight.

Dress Properly

An obvious but important tip: cover every piece of skin on your body. You don’t necessarily need many layers, the quality of each layer is most important. Wear tight clothes because they trap heat better.

Run in shoes with little (or no) mesh. This will limit the cold air from hitting your feet. If you run in snow or slush, invest in some Yak Trax to make sure you don’t slip and fall. Quality performance apparel is also key, and we make a great line of gear. The Everlast Performance line can be found here:

Hydrate Like it’s Summer.

It may be cold & dry outside, and you may think you’re not sweating – but you are. Stay hydrated before, during and after a run. Check out FUEL & Hydrate Elite to help.

Keep Perspective


There’s this old quote – “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Don’t look at winter running negatively. In fact, a morning run during a light snowfall is one of the most peaceful things you can ever experience. Try it.

How do you adjust your running in the winter? What is your best tip for training in the cold?


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