78 YEAR OLD LAWYER LACES ‘EM UP: Gleason’s Fantasy Camp Spotlight

Mike Tarnoff prepped in his mind, his open, his close, his talking points, the way he wanted to present the case and get the nod in court for his client, a lady who’d signed away for a hundred bucks her right to get compensated for injuries from an accident not her fault.

The Milwaukee man has worked this rodeo before, as he’s about to celebrate 53 years in the arena of lawyering.

But this prep had an extra element attached to it; in a month, Tarnoff will be gloving up and fighting at the Gleason’s Gym fantasy camp, which runs Aug 11-14 Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa in Ellenville, NY. (You can find more information and a brochure on the Gleason’s website:

The 78 year old Wisconsinite has been to ten or more of these camps, so he’s acquainted with what he needs to do to get his body and brain ready……


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