A Pro Boxer Watches A World Cup Soccer Match And Thinks To Himself…

If you are not a soccer fan and tune in to a World Cup match, you quite likely find yourself amazed at the histrionics frequently displayed by athletes who writhe on the ground in apparent agony after an opponent so much as grazes them.

They look like they’ve been Tased as they roll about on the floor, contorting and flailing and grimacing while channeling Sir Laurence Olivier…or maybe William Shatner.

Yes, over-acting is what they are engaged in, as they seek sympathy, and to be smiled upon by the referee, whom they are trying to influence.

Italian fighter Floriano Pagliara has weighed in, and made it clear that he thinks it ludicrous that these footballers engage in this practice which is so opposed to the mentality he must endure in his vocation. They feign pain, while he must pretend to be clear eyed and of the soundest mind and body after getting smashed mercilessly.

Well put, Floriano! Maybe we all should tag some of these footballers and see if this compare and contrast message impacts them and their ludicrous behavior!

Michael Woods
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