Adam Kownacki Talks About Deontay Wilders’ Assets, and His Own Ethnic Identity

Adam Kownacki, should he get past Chris Arreola on Aug. 3, and keep on winning from there, should get a title shot against Deontay Wilder, the WBC titlist.

That is, if Wilder, 41-0-1, stays on the winning track himself, we do know this sport can throw a curveballs and spitballs at participants….

He won’t get ahead of himself, AK told us on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast, but yes, he does want a title crack and he’d like to get a crack at the Alabama boxer.

“He has a hard time fighting backwards,” said Kownacki, when I asked if his style is well suited to beat the ‘BC champ.

AK could see himself fighting once more, toward the end of the year, and then maybe wait out for a Wilder bout, middle of next year. “He got that right hand, man…If I can take it, I think it could be good, I got a helluva chin,” he shared. “I feel like he closes the distance very well, he’s very long…all of a sudden, boom,” the Poland-born Brooklyner, who now lives on Long Island, told us.

Yep, getting sparring to prep for the 6-7 Wilder, that wouldn’t be easy. “Maybe we’ll get some Brooklyn Nets in,” cracked the 19-0 (15 KOs) boxer.

More from AK…he told listeners that no, he didn’t heavily entertain a late-inning offer to sub in for Jarrell Miller, to fight Anthony Joshua, because he’d like a proper camp to get such an opportunity. He wasn’t bummed when he saw Andy Ruiz pull off the shocker. “I knew he could fight, he’s Mexican, he’s tough…but I thought Joshua was gonna win, use his length, even knock him out in the later rounds,” AK told us.

The 30 year old boxer, a blue collar style sort, said Miller called him and they chatted and he’s rooting for BBM to come back and get another shot at a mega bout.

His own fight, against Arreola, he told us we’d be seeing “bombs away,” and a fan friendly tussle. He said his fighting style is maybe more “Brooklyn” style than “Polish,” or “European” style. He shared that he does like to dig to the body, and also that yes, he knows people bust chops on social media to take issue with sub Adonis physiques.

We touched on shape, and weight…I put it to him, does he really like to eat? Yep, he said, “garbage food”…and then when camp comes, he “eats cleans.”

OK, like “80%” clean, he admitted. Weekends, he will indulge in a milkshake, a gelato, do pizza and pierogies.

After the Andy win, he’s noted that people are more open minded in understanding a chunky guy can rumble. He laughed, and said now the secret is out…chunky kids can scrap, so maybe he won’t get under-estimated so much.

More AK material–we touched on the Haymon model, which sees top fighters fight usually twice a year. That’s better for their long term health, Kownacki told “Talkboxers.”

And, to Aug. 3; “a great fight, I come to swing, I know he comes to swing,” the lunchpail brawler told us. Again, he might look to get a foe out quicker than Wilder did. When AK beat Szpilka and Washington, he did it faster than Wilder did…and maybe that’s on his To Do list Aug. 3.

For the record, Kownacki sees himself as “Polish American,” he was born in Poland, came here, grew up here, and he appreciates this is a land of opportunity. “If I lived in Poland I wouldn’t have had the chance to be where I’m at,” he offered. “My parents came for a better life, and we’re doing pretty good for ourselves,” he said.

Indeed; watch if AK can take that next step up the ladder versus Arreola, who is 38, and holds a 38-5-1 mark. Barclays Center plays host and Fox will be the screening platform.

Michael Woods
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