Al Bernstein Shares More About His Cancer Battle on Everlast “Talkbox” Podcast

SATURDAY UPDATE: So, here’s a subject matter for us to get into in our next chat!

Al Bernstein did a meet n greet at a weed dispensary, sorry, I mean a CANNABIS dispensary, in Oklahoma.

And LOL, he encouraged consumption on BBQ by visitors. Good stuff!

Brand new age we are in, yes?

Al Bernstein will do a meet n greet at a cannabs dispensary in OK.

Al Bernstein will do a meet n greet at a cannabis dispensary in OK.



Al Bernstein, the former ESPN fixture, who has a slot in the Canastota Boxing Hall of Fame, and has made Showtime his home for more than two decades, is on a high.

Career-wise, he is at the top of the heap as an analyst, and is universally regarded for his chops and integrity. But some good news in the personal health sphere has him feeling that much more amped.

Bernstein came on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast, and shared some details about that health matter, which he announced two weeks ago has played out in favorable manner.

First, we chatted about current events; Bernstein said “inevitably Wilder and Fury will fight each other. They’re working on Pacquiao-Thurman and Hurd versus J Rock is a very good fight.”

We looked to keep it real, when we talked about the current trend, in which we see more quantity than quality. Does he agree, and can he compare this era to another? He started out at newspapers in the early 70s so he’s been to so many rodeos.

“For the last five or six years…the product that boxing has put out there has been very, very good. It still speaks to your point, that there are clearly fights that don’t happen every year.”


Bernstein joined us on the Everlast "Talkbox" podcast the week of April 14, 2019.

Bernstein joined us on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast the week of April 14, 2019.


In MMA, the execs have more power of the laborers, so they see more “best versus the best” fights getting made. Bernstein said that in fact, it gets lost in the shuffle the number of fights we crave seeing do get made. He mentioned fights involving Loma and Mikey, and Jermall Charlo versus GGG, which which be a shame if time passes and those don’t get done.

More real talk…We also touched on broadcasters doing too much, going over-board, on cheerleading. Bernstein said that “I try and steer clear of critiquing my comrades in the business, but nonetheless, what you just said is accurate.” Yep, he’s noticed the trend toward trying to please the check signers more than used to be, from the blow by blow and color crew.

He shared how he looks at handling his business, and what he and the Showtime fellas try to do their thing.

Then, Bernstein shared more about his health news. On April 4th he went public and said he’d done treatment, and prostate cancer, after a seven week process, had been eradicated.

Yes, he did radiation treatments, he told the listeners, and “the good news is my PSA level got down to .01…and the cancer had gotten a little more aggressive so it was in various parts of the prostate.” He told us he was urged to go public with the news, which he’d not been thinking he would, and then remind men to get checked. “Everybody has to check this,” he stated.

Al was blown away by the well wishes after he posted his PSA.

Then, back to boxing. Bernstein believes that Amir Khan “will have good moments in this fight with Terence Crawford.” Then, by the midway, from the “fourth and fifth round on,” Bud should pull away.

Next up for Bernstein? He call the Robert Easter-Rances Barthelemy bout, April 28, and will then call the Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale main event at Barclays Center. Oh, and also this…

On May 25, Bernstein will do his singing act, in Las Vegas, at the Tuscany.  I asked him to add “Strangers in the Night” to his repertoire.

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