Arum Says He Offered Mikey A Crawford and Then A Loma Fight

Super fights, or semi super fights getting made, or not getting made, has been on my mind of late.

With turf being staked out so zealously, it’s feeling like we will see less inter-promotional action than we’d hoped as we saw the game change, with the shifts in platforms leaving and building.

Word is that we are getting a super fight, of sorts, on March 16, when welter ace Errol Spence welcomes lightweight top draw type Mikey Garcia to 147, in Texas, and on PPV.

But that is a keep it in the family type tango; Spence and Garcia share the advisor Al Haymon, and Haymon has Fox working on the putting together the pay per view effort.

It will be more of a challenge to fashion a fight between a Haymon guy and, say, Bob Arum, who’s all in with ESPN. Arum came on the Sirius boxing show hosted by Randy Gordon and Gerry Cooney, and producer Josh Friedman shared some quotes from the Bobfather. He shared an interesting tidbit, about an offer put forth to Mikey.

“We’ve said to Garcia, quit talking about fighting Spence because I don’t think that fight happens. It’s too big a jump. Fight Terence Crawford because you’re the same size,” Arum said.

“There’s no disadvantage for Garcia size-wise to fight Crawford. Whether he does it or not, that’s up to him. But we’ve offered him a Crawford fight and we also told him that hey, if you take a Crawford fight, you win, you lose, we’ll still get you a Lomachenko fight as long as Loma keeps winning.

“It gives him a shot at two major fights. But again, what he does is up to him.”

Yes indeed; Mikey will have both eyes and his full mind set on how to best get ready to jump to 147, where he’ll face a guy who has 154-160 power. That’s why so many fans are feeling like they aren’t all in on buying this PPV. Frankly, many folks feel like Garcia will be in over his head. I don’t share that take; he defends as well as anyone in the sport and Spence might have to work harder than he’s ever had to in order to be able to detonate his bombs. Or, Mikey’s increased bulk will look great, but won’t help his chin if it gets checked by the Texan early on. Yeah, I’m legit curious about how this jump in weight class plays out for Garcia. And then, if he wins, if he loses, where does his career go? Spence, some say, is going to put a harsh walloping on him. Would Mikey want to then re-visit the offer to fight Crawford? And would the same offer stand, after he loses his undefeated status? One would think not…If he loses, would he not then be more likely to get back to his comort zone, 135, where Loma looms?

Anyway, we get ahead of ourselves, because it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. March is a winter away. But readers, feel free to weigh in, on the Arum offer and what you think Mikey should do, if he loses or if he beats Spence.

Michael Woods
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