At Home Leg & Ab Workout with Yami Mufdi

Team Everlast contributor Yami Mufdi uses the Everlast Fight Sports Ankle Resistance Bands and the Core Flyte Stability Trainer to put together a quick at-home leg and ab workout!

Take a look at the workout and demonstration videos below!

Warm up (using the Fight Sports Ankle Resistance Bands):

Lateral walks- 3 sets x 20 repetitions

Forward Crab- Walks 3 sets x 20 repetitions

Backward Crab Walks- 3 sets x 20 repetitions

Straight Legged Kickbacks- 3 sets Xx 20 repetitions (each leg)

Workout (using the Core Flyte Stability Trainer):

Lateral Lunges- 3 sets x 20 repetitions (each leg)

Reverse Lunges- 3 sets x 20 repetitions (each leg)

Alternating Laying Hamstring curl- 3 sets x 15 repetitions

Leg Finisher Lat Lunge to Reverse Lunge- 3 sets x 20 repetitions (each leg)

Mountain Climbers- 3 sets x 30 seconds

In n Outs- 3 sets x 12 repetitions

V-ups- 3 sets x 12 seconds


Check out Yami’s entire video to get more details on the workout!



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