Bob Arum Will Call Al Haymon, If and When Crawford Beats Khan, To Talk Crawford-Spence

The living legend Bob Arum, who says the word “champion” better than any being on the planet, came on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast, as per usual gave heavy bang for the buck.

He said this week that Terence Crawford, who fights April 20 at Madison Square Garden‘s big room, is a solid attraction in NY, because NYers like to see the best.

“They want to see the best and Crawford is the best,” he noted. The deal-maker also lauded Crawford’s foe, Amir Khan. “But you have to also really credit Khan, who has a tremendous following particulary in the UK and also in the Muslim community, he’s a Pakistani Muslim who is an English citizen. And a lot of his fans are buying tickets, we can tell, a big, big number are coming from the UK.” He had his highest promoter hat on, noting that Teofimo Lopez is on the card, as is Shakur Stevenson, and also Puerto Rican hopeful Felix Verdejo. “So you can’t just credit Terence for the tremendous tickets sales we have. I think everyone deserves some credit.”

Crawford vs Khan is selling well, said Arum.

Crawford vs Khan is selling well, said Arum.

And what about next for Bud? “One thing I know, Bud Crawford, assuming he’s successful April 20, wants Errol Spence,” Arum said. “I know from conversations…I was a party to, when Crawford and Spence were talking after a fight a few months ago…

..that Spence wants to fight Crawford. These guys are two tremendous athletes and they want to fight each other. So, what I hope to do, if Terence is successful April 20, is pick up the phone, and call Al Haymon and see if we can arrange for the super fight. Now, I can’t force anybody to do anything, if Haymon wants to go another way and not do this fight, that’s up to him. But again we will do everything possible to make that fight happen.”

Over on the PBC side, a spokesman told me they aren’t wanting to delve into this issue again right now. Tim Smith, the former journalist, has been asked about this potential matchup before, in fact.

So, we will have to monitor this one, see where those chips fall…

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