Booty Workout With Yami Mufdi

Everlast contributor Yami Mufdi has us covered with one of her awesome workouts from her Vlog: 3 Best Friends Anyone Can Have: Booty Workout & Girls Night @ Barton G’s! || LA Living Pt. 4

Check out these 3 exercises that will build buns of steel just in time for the summer!

Romanian Deadlifts 3 sets of 12 reps (add weight to bar based on strength and fitness level)

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Hold the bar at hips. Keep shoulders back, knees slightly bent, and back arched. Lower the bar until weights are close to the ground (if not touching the ground). Make sure to keep the bar close to your body. Once at the bottom of the movement, return to the upright starting position by thrusting hips forward.

Front leg Elevated Lunge (weight optional) 3 sets of 12 reps

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Get into a squat position with your front foot propped up so that it is elevated (Yami used a gym plate). Keep your elevated foot flat against the surface. While maintaining this position, go into a set of 12 deep lunges without stopping.

Cable Kickbacks 3 sets of 12 reps

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Start by facing the weight stack of the cable machine. Lower the cable to a low spoke and hook the cable cuff to one of your ankles. Keep 1-2 feet distance between you and the machine and hold on for security while you perform the exercise. Lean forward and keep a slight bend in your knees. Kick the ankle with the cable up toward the sky returning it each time to the starting position. Without stopping, perform 12 repetitions and then switch legs.

To see the entire workout and her latest Vlog make sure to watch the full episode here!

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