Boxing Fans Are Irked At Stephen A. Smith, After He Busted On Andy Ruiz

People are, what else is new, telling Stephen A. Smith to shut his trap.

Same as it ever was, right?

“Trolling,” they are saying the “First Take” host is deliberately trying to get under the skin of social media, with his Tweets following the Andy Ruiz upset, nay, mega upset win over Anthony Joshua on Saturday evening at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Did you see what he Tweeted?

OK…that is jerk-y. The “Butter Bean” reference is indeed disrespectful. And, “damned disgrace?” Yeah, I don’t the ESPNer had so much as looked at Andy’s BoxRec. Yes, I’m saying that SAS was guilty of doing what he very often does…talk out of his butt. Then, he takes a shot at Joshua. “How did you let that happen,” he asked. Um, Stephen, it was a FIGHT. He didn’t LET it happen, as AJ himself said post-fight, the better man won.

Then, he went into mega-narcissist mode…

Yeah, not about you, bro. Who actually really cares if Smith is sick over this? Now, Wilder has been affected…but what dog does SAS have in the hunt? Why is he acting like he’s agenting Wilder?

And this is curious…He just saw a massive upset, high drama, and he is DISGUSTED? What nasty narcissism from Smith. It isn’t about you, pal, even though we know everything is.

He continued his self serving, self directed rant…

What a jerk. Everyone is missing the point, everyone but him. Lord, what a Grade A ninny this guy is. Now, we can ponder and discuss whether or not Wilder vs Joshua is “officially ruined.” Yeah, maybe so. What we all saw from the AJ chin has to make us think that versus an actually murderous puncher, he goes timber right quick. But I say that the lesson there is more so that everyone tried to be too clever…Team AJ and Team Wilder, and it bloody well serves everyone right for letting the damn thing over marinate. Do I want to be jerk-y like SAS and say I told ya so? Not really…But I did…And so did many of you. Things happen in boxing, and especially in heavyweight boxing. And you risk losing that big score if you keep trying to architect that BIGGER score. Midas’ often get punished…Which is why I usually lobby for making the meaningful fights in timely fashion, instead of putting it off, for that extra ten or twenty million. So, it is more than possible that all the marinators will be punished and guess what…They all deserve it, if greed was their main motivation. All of ’em.

More stupidity from Smith…

The blowhard tells you that AJ has a glass jaw. Captain Obvious stuff there, probably. Hey, was he telling everyone that before? Or, as per usual, skillfully trying to portray his level of knowledge and savvy as being on a higher plane? “Wake up,” he says…People should wake up, and figure out that Smith’s act is geared toward this diminished age we are in, where attention seekers like him are able to parlay their annoying traits and often loathsome personalities into celebrity status.

I don’t expect this to change. Smith is skilled at exploiting the times to his pathology; he has 4.1 million followers, and that is a mix of people who like him and people that hate him. He has a knack for getting people to pay attention to him, I’m doing it now. But man, at what price? Stephen A Smith comes off like a massive jerk, so often…Is it worth it to him? It seems so…But Lord, what a jerk that guy is.

Need more proof? See his Tweet from 8 PM ET on Sunday night:

Smith can maybe convince himself that he isn’t a blithering buffoon. But I suspect if he had to ask Mr. Obama about his conduct, then deep down, he knows what he is. Jerk…Blithering buffoon….Whatever label you want to use, Smith is someone that I should simply ignore, because darn it, he’s not worth my energy. It’s me who should Wake Up…and put Stephen A. Smith on MUTE. Consider joining me, friends….


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