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The Brain vs. The Heart: UFC 192

With UFC 192 in the books, it’s time to look back and see if the brain or the heart came out on top.

Jessica Eye (+205) vs. Julianna Pena (-245)

The Brain: Pena (Correct)

The Heart: Pena (Correct)

I was definitely wrong on where this fight would take place. I thought a good portion of this fight would play out on the feet, and instead it ended up being a ground battle. Eye proved she was much more competent on the ground than I gave her credit for. While on the feet, Pena did strike aggressively. Surprisingly most of Eye’s success took place on the ground. She was able to get Pena in bad positions throughout the fight. In the end, Pena was able to control enough action in rounds one and three to get the victory, and with Eye’s point deduction in round two, I scored the fight 29-27. The judges agreed. Both the brain and the heart kick off the main card with a victory.

Shawn Jordan (+135) vs. Ruslan Magomedov (-155)

The Brain: Jordan (Incorrect)

The Heart: Magomedov (Correct)

Magomedov did an excellent job of timing his shots against Jordan. He was technical throughout the entire fight. Jordan was never able to get much going throughout the contest. He did land a few powerful shots, but Magomedov showed his toughness and fought through them. This was a clear and impressive victory for Magomedov. He may very well have a bright future in the heavyweight division. I scored the fight 30-27 for Magomedov. Two of the judges agreed. The third judge scored the fight 29-28 for Magomedov. The heart gets a much needed

Ryan Bader (+140) vs. Rashad Evans (-160)

The Brain: Evans (Incorrect)

The Heart: Evans (Incorrect)

I said Bader could win this fight if Evans was too rusty and I think I was at least partially right. Evans looked to be in pretty good shape, but just wasn’t as sharp as we had seen him in the past. More than that though, I think Bader proved that he has continued to improve his game. Bader was able to get the better of the striking exchanges throughout the fight and became more confident as the fight wore on. Bader continually circled and made it difficult for Evans to land his power shots. Evans had a hard time seeing in the third round, as his right eye was almost swollen shut. That never stopped him from trying, but Bader was able to land several shots on Evan’s right side. Even though Evans lost, it was still great to finally see him back in the cage. With the impressive win for Bader, he’s now won five in a row. Normally in the shallow light heavyweight division, that would be more than enough for a title shot, but if Jones does decide to return, that will definitely throw a wrench into those plans. I scored the fight 30-27 for Bader and all three judges agreed. The brain and the heart both lost here, but Bader definitely impressed in that fight.

Johny Hendricks (-320) vs. Tyron Woodley (+260)

The Brain: Hendricks (N/A)

The Heart: Hendricks (N/A)

Though this fight didn’t happen, Woodley definitely came out the winner. He was paid his show money (and possibly his win money) and has been awarded the next title shot. That is, unless the UFC changes their mind, but they never do that so it should be alright. Hendricks could very well have to move up to middleweight for at least one fight, similar to what happened to Gastelum. The fight that got bumped up to the main card due to the cancellation of this fight was Benavidez vs. Bagautinov. For the record I would’ve had Benavidez for both the brain and heart, but that won’t count towards my record.

Daniel Cormier (-340) vs. Alexander Gustafsson (+280)

The Brain: Cormier (Correct)

The Heart: Gustafsson (Incorrect)

WHAT A FIGHT! I thought this fight would be close, but I never imagined it would be anywhere close to the outstanding fight that it was. I know people tend to throw around the word “war” to describe a fight, but there is no other way to describe this fight. The first round saw Cormier utilize his wrestling and get the fight to the ground. That would be the only time that would happen in the fight, and was the only absolutely clear round in my books. The second round is where this fight really started to build. There was good back and forth action on the feet, and Gus was actually able to get Cormier to the ground twice, albeit briefly. Cormier was able to get in close and hit Gus with uppercuts several times in that round. Cormier really pushed the pace against Gus in the third round. He continually walked Gus down and tagged him with overhand rights and uppercuts. Things were going mostly Cormier’s way in the round until Gus was able to hurt Cormier pretty bad with a knee late in the round, but Cormier was able to regain his composure. The fourth round was constantly back and forth and both fighters’ faces were busted up and bruised. Gus was able to land a little better in this round than previous ones, but Cormier was still able land some solid shots. Somehow both fighters still kept coming in the fifth and final round. Like he had done throughout the fight, Cormier pressured Gus non-stop. Gus did all he could to try and create space, but didn’t have much luck. Cormier was able to connect with more rights and uppercuts. Gus was able to land a big knee towards the end of the round, but Cormier kept going. I personally scored the fight 49-46 in favor of Cormier. I gave round 4 to Gus. This fight was incredibly close, and several rounds were almost impossible to score. I don’t recall seeing so many varying scores from people on Twitter and not having a problem with any of them. The brain gets the win to even out the score for the night. The heart lost the call, but isn’t upset by any means. Cormier found a way to make me excited about a potential rematch with Jones, which was something I didn’t think could happen.

We have a tie for the first time. The brain and the heart ended up with a 2-2 record for UFC 192. That puts the brain at 13-7 and the heart at 10-10 through four events. Next up, the UFC travels to Ireland on October 24 for UFC Fight Night 76.

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