Brain vs. Heart: Top 5 Moments of UFC 195

The New Year got started off with a bang with UFC 195. Both the Brain and the Heart started 2016 with a respectable 4-1 record. While this card wasn’t as stacked as some of the more recent Pay-Per-Views, it still had plenty of memorable moments. Here are the top 5 moments of UFC 195:

  1. Kish Finally Makes UFC Debut

A knee injury on TUF delayed her UFC debut, but Kish was finally able to fight inside the Octagon. While he debut was far from perfect, Kish was able to get the nod on the judge’s scorecards. Her defense was underwhelming at times in the fight, but immediately afterword, Kish herself acknowledged she was aware of that. Ansaroff also made her work hard throughout the fight. I personally gave Ansaroff the win 29-28, but Kish winning was not outrageous. With her debut finally in the books, Kish will likely be a top 15 opponent for her next fight.

  1. Ortega Stays Undefeated

Things didn’t seem to be going Ortega’s way in the first two rounds. Brandao did a good job of controlling the action and landing the better shots throughout the fight. Ortega knew he needed a finish in the third round and came out hunting for the submission. Ortega was able to transition from a guillotine attempt to a triangle and Brandao was unable to escape. Great comeback win for Ortega, but it definitely showed some of the holes in his game. Ortega will look to continue his win streak against another mid-level featherweight.

  1. McDonald Returns to Action After Extended Layoff

McDonald was able to return to action for the first time in two years. He looked a little shaky early on, but in the second round McDonald was able to remind us why we missed him. McDonald looked to be in trouble with an arm-triangle attempt by Kanehara, but McDonald was able to get free, slip to Kanehara’s back, and lock in the fight ending rear-naked choke. It’s crazy to think that McDonald is still only 24 years old. There are a lot of possibilities for the top 10 ranked McDonald, but I think he’s looking at a top 5 opponent next, maybe Assuncao.

  1. Miocic Crashes Arlovski’s Improbable Run

It looks like Arlovski won’t be getting the title shot that so many fans were hoping for. Miocic wasted no time attacking Arlovski and finished the fight inside of a minute. Miocic was very tactical in his approach and connected with precision. After the win, Miocic called for a title shot and it looks like Dana will oblige. Assuming the Werdum/Velasquez fight doesn’t end in some way where they will be forced to do another rematch, Miocic looks to be clearly in line for the next crack at the title. If for some crazy reason they end up doing Werdum/Velasquez III, then a fight with Overeem would make perfect sense for Miocic.

  1. Lawler Gets Nod in Exciting Battle

Any fight with Lawler or Condit is practically guaranteed to be a thriller. This fight was no exception. Both men proved once again that they are exceptionally tough and almost impossible to finish. It was a back and forth war throughout the fight. I personally thought Condit did more than enough to win the fight 48-47, but I’m definitely not as outraged as some people. I honestly don’t think Lawler’s reign at the top will last much longer. He looks better than ever, but the absolute wars he’s been in lately will likely take their toll sooner rather than later. As far as what’s next for Lawler, I’m not really a fan of instant rematches, but in this case, I think Condit has more than earned it.

Be sure to check back in two weeks when the UFC returns with UFC Fight Night 81 which will feature Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw against challenger Dominick Cruz.

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