The Brain vs. The Heart: UFC Fight Night 76

Welcome to The Brain vs. The Heart. Everyone has that internal battle with themselves about which fighter you think will win vs. which fighter you actually want to win. The Brain vs The Heart takes you on a journey inside the mind (and heart) of IAMMA to tackle the battle head-on. Who will win? Let’s find out!


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Jon Delos Reyes (+135) vs. Neil Seery (-155)

The Brain: This fight gets the bump to the main card after the cancellation of the Duffy/Poirier fight. While both guys have had mixed success in the Octagon, this should be a fun fight to watch. Seery is primarily a boxer and he does a good job of making himself hard to hit. Delos Reyes throws with power and is very athletic. However, he still needs to work on developing his skills as a fighter. I think Seery’s experience will be the difference in this fight. I think he’ll be able to capitalize on any mistakes and make Delos Reyes pay. Seery by Submission

The Heart: While I have nothing against Seery, I like Delos Reyes here. He may be relatively raw, but he definitely goes after it (though that his cost him the fight on more than one occasion). I don’t see him really ever reaching the top of the division, but I think he can have a successful run in the UFC. Delos Reyes by Submission

Nicolas Dalby (-140) vs. Darren Till (+120)

The Brain: The second fight on the main card is a battle between two undefeated welterweights. Till tends to work a fairly slow pace. He is primarily a striker and does make decent use of his kicks. However, he has been rather hittable (though he hasn’t paid the price for it yet). Dalby is also a striker, but throws a decent volume of strikes. I think Dalby is a little more complete than Till is at this point in their careers. I expect Dalby’s volume to play a big factor in this fight, especially if Till gets complacent. Dalby by TKO

The Heart: While I hate to see undefeated guys lose, someone is going to have their first blemish after this fight. I like what I’ve seen from both fighters and while they still have a ways to go, they both have potential. At only 22 years old Till can afford a loss much more easily than Dalby (though at 30 years old, Dalby isn’t really that old either). Dalby by TKO

Reza Madadi (+240) vs. Norman Parke (-280)

The Brain: Madadi returns from a two year layoff due to spending 14 of those months in prison. A lot of people might have forgotten about him, but his last win was actually against Michael Johnson. Madadi is pretty well rounded and has a decent submission game. Both fighters like to go for takedowns and both have excellent takedown defense, so look for this fight to stay standing. Parke tends to wear down his opponents with volume. I think the long layoff combined with the fact that Madadi is now 35, could be big trouble for him. I think Parke comfortably takes the decision. Parke by Decision

The Heart: Madadi was arrested for aggravated burglary, which is why he was in prison. He still claims he didn’t do it. Either way, he served his time, and I’m ok with him getting a second chance. That said, I really like Parke. I think he has more potential than he’s shown lately. I’d like for him to get back on the right track with a decisive win.  Parke by TKO

Paddy Holohan (+100) vs. Louis Smolka (-120)

The Brain: This fight is now the main event after the cancellation of the Duffy/Poirier fight just three days before the event. Duffy/Poirier was promoted to main event after the cancellation of the Miocic/Rothwell fight. While this main event will lack big name value, this still should be an entertaining fight. Smolka uses volume to overwhelm his opponents, but isn’t known for having knockout power. He makes good use of his kicks, such as his recent side kick KO of Vaciluk. Smolka constantly strings together punches, but tends to leave himself open to being hit. Holohan is a well-rounded fighter that definitely has a love for the sub. On the ground, Holohan constantly tries to find the submission and eight of his twelve wins have come by submission. I think a good portion of this fight will play out on the feet, but if it does get to the ground, Smolka could find himself in some bad positions. I think Smolka will land more shots throughout the fight and take the decision. Smolka by Decision

The Heart: I enjoy watching both of these guys. They are both young and could stick around for quick a while. I honestly feel really bad for the fans in attendance. This card lost both the main and co-main. I think a big win by Holohan would be a small consolation for the Irish fans. Holohan by Submission

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