Broner More Likely For December in Brooklyn Than GGG V Jacobs

Fight fans have been eagerly anticipating as a holiday heart warmer a December tussle between middleweight aces Gennady Golovkin and Danny Jacobs.

The best fighting the best, the Kazahkstani assassinator versus the Brooklyn kid with the magnificent back story and mouth watering fast twitch muscles, possible possessor of the sort of explosivity to give the unbeaten GGG fits, if not a loss.

So, Andre Rozier, trainer to Jacobs, you think we will get Jacobs, who whipped cancer and wants a crack at the middleweight top dog, Dec 10 in NY?

“I doubt it,” said the Brooklyn tutor, who also works with Gary Stark Sr teaching a handful of Eastern Euro contenders on the cusp.

He heard maybe Adrien Broner headlines Barclays Center Dec 10 and maybe Ivgen Khytrov, one of those hammer fisted boys fights underneath.

Too many moving parts, too complex a plan to activate that quickly, Rozier told me, of the Jacobs v GGG proposed clash. “It’s like a wedding, you got the bride and groom deciding on the guest list and celebration for 500 people and the wedding date isn’t set. It will happen, this is a legacy fight for both men.” Let us let the stew get to a boil and then simmer a spell, he reasons.

But he thinks we need more time to get it right, iron out money and venue and tv platform. Rozier understands there maybe will be chatter about this one or that one wanting “too much” money. He’s taking the optimistic but realistic stance that money will sort itself out, and that mouth watering match will take place. Just not in December.

Tom Loeffler negotiates as the GGG promoter. On Friday AM, I asked him for an update on where the fight stands.

“Still in discussions, nothing new to report,” he said.

Broner coach Mike Stafford was asked about AB headlining in BK Dec 10. “We may,” he told me. If and who he fights could be contingent upon Ricky Burns holding on to his 140 strap in Scotland against Kiryl Relikh later tonight.

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