Canelo Now Less Muscled, Some Fans Wonder Why

Pics of a less muscled Canelo are floating around the net, and some folks are doing a compare and contrast, and via the eyeball test, are deeming the Mexican boxer dirty.

Canelo from last year, in training for GGG fight.

Canelo last week, in a pic NOT taken during a training period, for the record.

That may not be fair, of course, but it’s to be expected when one gets into a situation as Canelo. His ingestion of clenbuterol, which he maintains came from eating tainted meat, will be hanging over his head, a PED-laden black cloud, for the foreseeable future.

The fighter himself seems proud and unbowed, publicly, regarding the positive test and the fallout. How he’s dealing with it in private, only a small circle truly knows.

I was curious, and thus reached out to Gennady Golovkin’s trainer, Abel Sanchez. He has expressed that he finds the accidental ingestion route dubious; so, I wondered, does he think that Canelo was on tainted meat in the first GGG v Canelo fight…and that a sequel might be an easier go for GGG, being that one would assume Canelo will not have received any favors from any banned product, however it was ingested?

“GGG beat him the first time, good fight, the redhead has pressure on him to fight more, easier fight for GGG,” is all Sanchez would say.

Yeah, he didn’t want to stir the pot, not in that way.

And hey, it may not even be a totally fair line of questioning. But to pretend that this sort of thinking isn’t in the minds of fight fans would be disingenuous, I think.

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