Canelo Says He Has Trained To, And Will Knock Out Golovkin

He’s not been one to talk shit as he’s moved up the ranks, but as time marches on, Canelo Alvarez is getting a bit bolder, and spicier, in his pre-fight comments, at times.

You will recall the Mexican hitter, who turned pro as a teen, at 15, stirred up the masses who root for him when after beating Amir Khan in May 2016 said to Max Kellerman in the ring, “In Mexico, we don’t fuck around. I don’t fear anyone. We don’t come to play in this sport. I fear no one in this sport.”

Asked if that meant he would face Golovkin later in 2016, Canelo exclaimed, “Right now. I will put the gloves on again.” This was a step in a new direction for the low key talent. In the last year plus, he’s been less hesitant to proclaim what turf he feels is his, and his worth in this fight game sphere. We saw and heard some more of that yesterday, Tuesday, when he spoke to HBO’s Kieran Mulvaney about the Saturday night Las Vegas rumble, which screens on HBO PPV.

“I prepared myself for this fight against Golovkin as I always do, one hundred percent, but in this camp, I prepared to knock him out,” Canelo said. “And come Saturday night, that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna go in there and knock him out.”

My take: I like to hear such certainty. This big talking means that he will want his deeds to match his words, and indicates to me that we will get the sort of explosivity on display that we’ve been promised and we hope for. That’s not a given, both men are not mad bombers, both are methodical and can fight smarter, not harder, and be prone to NOT engage in willy nilly trading. Your thoughts, friends, on Canelo’s confidence level and his promise to stop the unbeaten Golovkin?

Michael Woods
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