Canelo Seeks To Render Rocky’s Ribs To Dust, Scores TKO3 Win In NYC Triumph

He was so damn on, so sharp, electric, rippling with pent up energy which he unleashed viciously on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden’s big room.

Pity the ribs of Rocky Fielding, as Canelo Alvarez over less than three rounds, at 2:38 in the third to be exact, almost rendered them to dust.

Knockdown in the first…in the second…two more in the third. Canelo was a boss, though Rocky gained fans with his toughness. He could have folded up the tent and headed to Disney after the second knockdown, but he was still banging in round three, and the Mexican had to be wary of the Brit’s incoming.

If there were 1,000 Brits here, they got out-lunged, as Fielding was drowned with boos as Michael Buffer called out his name. 2,112 fans came to the arena, and the were treated to a main event that made them forget an underwhelming undercard.

Canelo came in king of the world; the Gaudalajara native snagged a rich deal, 11 bouts and $360 million, on paper, with DAZN three months ago, so it figures he is feeling on top of the planet.

He impressed all with his demeanor this week—boxing has a lead dog that it can be proud of many thought. Others still hold that PED positive against him, but I think he proved in his last outing, before this one, that he fights A grade when under scrutiny and presumably ultra clean.

Fielding this week also impressed. “Rocky From Stocky: came off as humble and chill, and he told us that win or lose, he’d be taking the wife and kids, including his 12 week old baby, to Disney in Florida.

Canelo is 29, and entered at 50-2-1, while the 31 year old Fielding, from Liverpool, England, a Matchroom fighter, was 27-1.

This was Canelo’s first foray at 168—he came up north because Fielding has a belt, the WBA’s 168 pound strap.

In the first, a left hook to the body put Rocky to a knee. Canelo looked ultra sharp and fast.

In the second, a second knockdown, again, left hook to the body. Rocky was back to the ropes and didn’t see it coming.

In the third, a right hand knocked him down. He got up, but with tepid interest. A left hook to the body, to a knee Rocky went..and the ref took mercy on his soul…and splintered ribs.

Michael Woods
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