Claressa Shields Talks About Fighting Men

Claressa Shields gloves up again, this time in her home town, of Flint, Michigan, and for this tango, she meets Croatian Ivana Habazin, on October 5th.

Shields makes no secret of the fact she thinks she is the GWOAT, the Greatest Woman of All Time, but she realizes not everyone thinks so.

She said on a recent conference call that she will just keep on keepin’ on, and maybe once she gets to maybe 20, 25 fights, the recognition will come.

But, fans and media query her, and probe and throw different scenarios at her: Such as…what about fighting guys?

Would you like to fight a male fighter in the future if you have opportunities, she was asked on a conference call to hype her Oct. 5 scrap on Showtime.

“I feel like right now I’m just going to fight in women’s boxing right now, trying to get an equal pay,” the 24 year old pugilist stated.  “I don’t feel like I should have to fight a man in order for us to be taken as serious athletes. I’ve gotten in the ring with plenty of men.  I fought 16 rounds this week with men, four different sparring partners.  I can get in there with guys and I’m going to hold my own, and I know when it comes down to handling my business, I’ve never been knocked out by someone, or dropped, or anything like that.”

Here is Shields speaking on the subject, back in April:

To be sure, Shields is expert at stirring that pot. She is skilled at whipping up a frenzy on social with some of her pronouncements.  

Shields continued on the call, which was presided over by her promoter, Dmitriy Salita. “So I don’t think there’s a difference between women and male fighters.  That feels like it’s all about preparation.  If you feel like if you have to get ready to fight again, if I have to be ready to fight against the male, I would change my whole training.  I think I’m training hard until now. But to get ready for a man, I would definitely upgrade and I think I have a great team who makes sure that I’m at my strongest, that I’m explosive, that my legs are strong and my muscles are strong. I feel like men have better body endurance than women and I say that because they’ve been fighting so long for so many more rounds in men than women just throughout my whole career. Like even in amateurs, we’ve got four two-minute rounds; and the men, they have three three-minute rounds.  And now in a pro, I’ve only fought 10 two-minute rounds; and men who are world champions have fought 12 three-minute rounds, so I don’t know how long.  So when you have that, they just have a better body endurance than I think women do.  But I think it’s all about the preparation.”

OK, talk to me….is this something we think we will see, Shields versus a guy?

It has happened…But we think the women’s scene is big enough, and growing all the time, to the point that there’d be no need for a female versus male bout.



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