Stability training has become a staple in gyms around the world, and for good reason. Suspension trainers, balance trainers, and stability balls are all used to intensify your workouts to help you reach your fitness goals faster. The Core Flytes from Flyte Fitness are the newest evolution in stability training. Core Flytes also force you to activate more muscles in order to stabilize yourself during exercises. They’re a great tool because they allow you to incorporate a stability component into any floor exercise not just in a stationary position, but you also have to stabilize the Core Flytes while you’re rolling them across the floor.

You’ve probably noticed that nowadays some of the most popular core exercises are variations of a plank. A standard front plank performed on the floor alone is a great isometric core exercise because it allows you to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscle deep in your core while keeping your neck and spine in a straight line. It’s like getting the benefits of sit-ups without the risk of injuring your back. Adding a pair of Core Flytes under your feet takes the plank up a notch, or two, safely at ground level.

Plank Pike

Furthermore, there’s a lot else you can do with your standard front plank using Core Flytes. Possibly the king of exercises in regards to this equipment is the Pike. The Core Flyte Plank Pike is a total-body exercise that works your core, shoulders, glutes, and lower back along the sagittal plane (forward and backward movement). It’s a great exercise to include as part of a functional training circuit workout.

Additionally- from the standard plank position, you can roll the Core Flytes out to the sides and split your legs, either alternating sides or bilaterally (both legs move at the same time). This strengthens your hip flexors, adductors, and glutes to make you more stable on your feet. Adding this variation into a plank incorporates motion across the frontal plane (side to side movement), which helps fortify the muscles surrounding your knees and hips to prevent injuries.

If you want to improve your general athletic performance, or simply function better during everyday activities, try including 10 repetitions of the Core Flyte Plank Pike into your workouts three-to-four times each week. To learn more about Core Flytes or view additional exercise videos, please visit

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