Crawford Touches On First ’47 Test, Fighting Spence, Meeting Pacquiao, Deserving FOY Honors, More

We are counting down to the debut of Terence Crawford in a new division for him, welterweight, and the hitter came to NY to lend some publicity to his forthcoming scrap.

The Nebraskan will glove up against a welterweight, Jeff Horn, June 9, in Las Vegas. Horn exploded into consciousness when he scored a split decision win over Manny Pacquiao in his native Australia last summer. He was seen as a massive underdog then, and most are believing that “Bud” gives him a lesson in pugilism next month, too.

Before he touched on Horn, Crawford (age 30; 30-0 with 23 KOs) with select media before the Lomachenko v Linares event, discussed other matters, including how he’s feeling in camp as he makes the northward jump, and other future foes that he might be crossing paths with.

Life is political, and boxing can be bedeviled by political fissures. “I believe any fight can be made, it’s just gotta be the right business move for both sides,” Crawford said. Bob Arum and Al Haymon, he said, can and will work together and get on the same page when business dictates, and Crawford sounded confident that any welter fight that might see him and a Haymon fighter pairing up will be made when the time is right.

Crawford said that he’s already in the driver’s seat regarding Horn, because Horn has said he thought that Bud should have ignored his injured hand, and stuck to their original fight date. He’s already in the Aussie’s head, he said.

He did term Horn a “big, strong, rugged guy,” so, it seems, he’s not thinking it’ll be easy work come June 9 at MGM Grand. Crawford actually gave Horn props for being OK with using elbows or his head or whatever it takes to get the W. Boxing is fighting, and you gotta do what you gotta do when fighting, he said. “He’s fighting to win, you can’t take any credit away from any fighting to win.”

As far as differences go, Crawford said he’s not really doing anything differently. No changes in camp…not really at the dinner table either. But, he promised, we will all see he is quite strong at this weight class.

Crawford said that he hasn’t shown us his best, and he has more to learn. Will that come when a stern test makes him crawl out from wreckage and rumble? He had to climb out some against Yuriorkis Gamboa and will wait and see if that will occur again, if a fierce rival will force him to summon from deeper within.

Errol Spence and Crawford have been talked about, and salivated over, but Crawford warned and reminded us that some of these “must have” fights don’t pan out. MayPac, anyone? “It’ll happen in the future,” Crawford said, and will be rightly seen as a “Super Fight.”

Let’s talk pound for pound…or not.

It’s just opinion, Crawford said. He labels himself number one…but he doesn’t take issue if you think Loma is No. 1. There is no special prize afforded to you if you are seen by most as P4P No. 1, he said, and a guy like Andre Ward didn’t make more money because he was No. 1, but because he took the tough fights.

Some more tidbits…

—Crawford said he expects to periodically fight in Nebraska, moving forward, not just NY and Vegas. It’s cool to do, because then more of his peeps can afford to go.

—So, who’s No. 2? “I don’t know, it’s just how you look at it,” said Crawford, not taking the bait.

—Some pound for pounders were brought up…Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones, Pernell Whitaker. What does he relish about each? Each entertained while doing their business, he said.

—His mean streak was discussed. It comes from his mom, he said, and we will have to see how much it comes forth against Horn.

—Crawford expects to only fight twice this year. “I’m not looking past Jeff Horn,” he declared.

—The fighter said he doesn’t think about fighting Manny Pacquiao anymore. Two years ago, he wanted it, but know he’s sort of over it.

—And why the move to 147? Because I cleaned out 140, and “now I’m on to the next.”

—No, not going backwards, to 140, not for Loma or Mikey, he said.

—Crawford was shot in the head back in the day, but he doesn’t think about it anymore, and what might have been if the gun was aimed differently.

—Bud thinks he should have won Fighter of the Year from the BWAA, over Carl Frampton last year, and over Vasyl Lomachenko this year. “I just laugh at certain things, I think politics” enter in, he admitted, in front of BWAA president Joe Santoliquito.


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