Danny Garcia Dad Angel Garcia Talks S–T Galore

It’s truly a time honored tradition, going off at the press conference. Usually, typically, the tactic or the incident involves the FIGHTER, but within the realm of Danny “Swift” Garcia, holder of the WBC 147 pound crown, it’s his dad who does the damage.

On Wednesday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Danny’s dad Angel, who happily goes by the moniker “Crazy” Angel on social media, tossed the event into upheaval when he grabbed a mic and started shouting. It was pretty much vintage, as we’ve come to know it since Danny emerged brightly on radar screens after stopping Kendall Holt in 2011.

Back then, on the way up, Danny seemed humble and mellow, and dad, in public, was the proud papa who clearly was joined at the hip with the son.

But as Danny’s stature grew, so did dad’s propensity for shit stirring. Always, he’d start chill, and then, he’d go from zero to loco right quick.

He’d thank God, then go off rails.

There’d be off bombs, copiously delivered with passion in excess.

Angel looked to get into the head of Amir Khan before the Garcia v Khan bout in July 2012. Here is when he started getting spicier pre-fight.

In October 2012, the Garcias…and yes, it is a tag-team, dad gets under the skin and son chuckles and stays cool…rematched Erik Morales. Angel threw verbal darts at Morales and his dad at a pre-fight presser.

That was minor league compared to the mayhem before the April 2013 Garcia versus Zab Judah event. Angel needled Judah, saying he lost step up fights. Zab took the bait and got in Angels’ face. Posses came together, Philly and Brooklyn, and the presser, at a NYC steakhouse, deteriorated. Judah threatened to send Angel to the hospital, and clearly he was actually irked. “I let my dad do the talking, and I back it up,” Danny said. “Every time Zab stepped up, he lost,” Angel kept needling.

No near brawls before the next tango, against Lucas Matthysse, the September 2013 fight and win which made believers of Danny doubters. He railed against the press for not giving Danny more props. “I’m the most underrated coach there is, he’s the most underrated champ there is,” said Angel, who yes, is motivated by what he perceives as a lack of respect.

Angel had words for Mauricio Herrera, who was not taken seriously enough by Team Garcia before their March 2014 scrap.

No extra effort was needed to unnerve Rod Salka before their August 2014 bout so Angel was angelic leading in.

Before the April 2015 Garcia v Lamont Peterson fight, Angel was chill.

He was mouthier after, insinuating that Peterson was on PEDs.

You’d think the Angel versus Paul Malignaggi interaction would have been lunatic, but Angel kept it together before the August 2015 event. He reminded people that he’d beaten cancer seven years before, and at the mic at the pre-fight presser, he was mellow.

Angel made up for it before the January 2016 Danny vs Robert Guerrero tiff. Angel almost got into it with Rober’s dad Ruben. Ruben smeared Angel as a “little girl,” and the two jawed and it maybe nearly went beyond that.

In November 2016 Danny took and and beat Samuel Vargas. “I pray to God every day Danny don’t kill anyone in the ring,” Angel said at the final presser.

There are lots of pro Angel folks out there, who think he is entertaining and brings attention to an attention starved sport. Others think he goes over the line, as when he went at Amir Khan and his Muslim faith.

On Wednesday, did Angel step over the line? Using the n word, lots of people didn’t appreciate it. “I’m the effin champ,” Angel screamed, while holding the son’s belt. “Bitchass enword,” Angel screamed at Keith Thurman, who fights the son March 4.

They tried to cut off Angel’s mic and it didn’t work, his voice still carried. Large bodies were brought in between Thurman and Angel, as Angel called Thurman a “faggot.” (At 1;50, Angel starts yapping).

My take: This is an adult sport, with the biggest ramifications possible in an athletic contest. Angel talks about it often, that these people can die in there, and therefore, the stakes are higher than high. Basically, he’s saying, his maniacal passion is righteous. Yep, sometimes he toes the line, sometimes, to many people, he steps over it. Promoter Lou Dibella thought so Wednesday.


I think it’s showmanship, and a bit narcissistic and also an indication of how much the father adores the son. His language is dark blue at times, and the immigrant rants and such come off as ignorant. But me, I will take off-color over boilerplate boring any day. That’s the greatest sin, to be boring. And boxing is an XXX sport, for adults. All the people are not going to win decorum awards. Adrien Broner busted on “that jew” Bob Arum last Saturday, Floyd Mayweather did an informercial for his soon to open strip club at the post-fight presser at Barclays on Saturday night. This is an extreme sport, filled with extreme characters and while that doesn’t excuse verbal missteps and such, I think it behooves us to understand that the people whose brains are built to do this for a living aren’t all going to win etiquette awards. Angel will not be Angelic, and that’s the way he and it is.

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