De La Hoya Tweets Out Take It Or Leave It Terms For Team GGG

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya drew his land in the sand and unless he moves off of the line, it will be up to Team GGG to reach out, and back off of their parameters sought for a September sequel to the August 2017 draw between Canelo and Gennady Golovkin.

Canelo has Oscar and Golden Boy Promotions do his heavy lifting in hashing out terms. That was done successfully in the first half of 2018 and the Mexican seat-filler and the Kazahk bomber were set to break their tie May 5 in Vegas.

But the wheels came off that wagon…

And it looks now like it’s going to be hard to re-attach them.

Here is a Tweet Oscar sent out today; yep, he was in a working mindset on Memorial Day. Take the terms we all agreed to for the May 5 since scuttled scrap or no rematch for you, he said.

I reached out to GGG promoter Tom Loeffler.

I see Oscar says that the only way we see Canelo v GGG in September is if terms are same as were agreed to after last fight. Seems like he’s not inclined to move an inch…Some are thinking this is posturing…Your thoughts?

“I’m not really a fan of negotiating in the media, I’m in contact with Eric Gomez to see if a solution can be found for the biggest fight in boxing,” said Loeffler, short but sweet.

So, the fussing and fueding and fighting continues. GGG and Canelo have only fought one time, but with all the coverage of their first tango and the second aborted one, it feels like these two have been at it like Jake Lamotta and Sugar Ray Robinson, one after the other. But who knows, maybe they won’t even get to the sequel. Me, I think we see a meeting of the minds, and Team Canelo acquiescing to a point, tacitly admitting that since the second fight didn’t occur because of his (inadvertent he says) meat-y misstep, Golovkin is deserved of a re-set in terms, and a slightly more generous cut. What say you all?

Michael Woods
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