Deontay is Back!

Team Everlast athlete, Deontay Wilder has made a full recovery!  After breaking his hand and tearing his bicep in an eighth-round knockout of Chris Arreola in July 2016, Deontay is scheduled for a heavyweight title fight against Andrzej Wawryzk (33-1, 19 KOs) on Feb. 25, 2017 at Legacy Arena.  This will be Deontay’s fourth time defending his title in his home state.

Back in July shortly after the fight, Jay Deas, who trains Wilder along with Mark Breland and Russ Anber, said “The doctor said that in most cases, you’re looking at six months, but Deontay’s an unusual person who recovers very fast. The biceps injury will take more time to heal than the hand because it’s bone on bone. We’ll see how Deontay’s body responds, but I wouldn’t count him out.”

It appears Jay Deas was right!  Deontay has recovered from his two surgeries in less than six months, and has been training intensely for his fight coming up in just two months.


Wilder is 37-0 with 36 knockouts and his opponent is 33-1 with 19 knockouts.

This fight will be the main event at FOX’s Premier Boxing Champions series, which will begin at 7 p.m on TV.

Wilder said, “I’m excited about defending my world championship for a fifth time and in front of my great fans at Legacy Arena in Birmingham on February 25.  It’s always fun to display my talents in front of the hometown fans. It’s an opportunity that I always look forward to and it brings out the best in me. I’m healthy and I’m ready to put on a fantastic show.”

His oponent, Wawrzyk said “I’m extremely motivated to fight for the heavyweight title against a great fighter like Deontay Wilder.  Fighting for the world title has always been my dream. To fight against such a great athlete as Wilder is an extremely difficult challenge, but one I am ready for. I have trained for this since I was a teenager. On February 25 I will step into the ring ready to fight and win against the most dangerous man on the planet.”

At Everlast, we are happy our teammate has completely rebounded from his surgeries, and look forward to his performance in February!  For a highlight of his knockouts, visit here, and to hear him on the Talkbox podcast, simply click here.

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