Dive into a Swim Workout

There are numerous benefits in adding variety to your workout routine. Performing different activities and exercises ensures you are constantly challenging your body while preventing workout boredom. The hard part is finding regular workouts that provide cardio, strength training, and endurance that don’t cause injury over time. Swimming combines all of these benefits and minimizes the stress on bones and joints, helping to improve and sustain overall fitness. Here are five reasons you should consider diving into a swim workout and add it into to your fitness routine.

The water is calming

Studies have shown that being around water can provide meditative benefits. Without all the outside noise of a gym, traffic, or loud music, your body and mind will benefit from water’s natural relaxation properties.

Swimming is low impact

Compared to other forms of cardio i.e. running, jumping, and other calisthenics, swimming doesn’t take a toll on joints and bones. It’s a great alternative or addition to traditional cardio without all the added

pounding on your body.

It brings you closer to nature

Try taking your workout to a natural body of water if you can. Not only can outdoor workouts be more challenging, but many studies show that being outside promote and improve both physical and mental health.

Swimming builds strength and cardio simultaneously

Keyword= Resistance. Water workouts provide natural resistance that will help build and tone muscles. Plus, swimming is a full body aerobic exercise, so you can knock out a strength training and cardio session all at once. Can someone say two-for-one?!

It can help maintain healthy lungs

According to research, swimming can help improve lung capacity. Strong lungs are important in overall health and help to fight breathing related conditions like asthma.



Source: The Huffington Post

Why Swimming is the Best Exercise Ever


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