Does CANELO Alvarez Really Want To Be Tested By Callum Smith?

At some point wathching Callum Smith‘s length and fluidity and power and ring chill on Saturday night, I had a thought…

Does Canelo Alvarez really want some of that?

Now, not knocking Alvarez, no way, I respect the hell out of his skill set. But that Smith, I think physically his size, his length, that could maybe give Canelo fits. Or, if not fits, maybe give him and his peeps pause…

So, I reached out to Golden Boy Promotions’ Eric Gomez, the executive. I put it to him…Callum Smith, who rolled over Hassan N’Dam with ultra ease on Saturday, at Madison Square Garden and on DAZN...Might Callum Smith be too big for Alvarez (age 28; 52-1-2 record)?

“I like it,” Gomez replied. “We will see.”

Long n tall Smith, in Ed Mulholland pic...Might he be too long and tall and sharp for Canelo?

Long ‘n tall Smith, in Ed Mulholland pic…Might he be too long and tall and sharp for Canelo?

OK, then…Is Smith, who holds a 26-0 (19 KOs) mark and the WBC diamond and WBA super title, is he top of the list for Alvarez’ next?

“We will see,” said Gomez.

He then ticked off some names:

GGG….Callum Smith….and Sergey Kovalev. A 160…a 168…and a 175!

Wait a second…c’mon now…Kovalev? That has to be a bridge too far, for Canelo, who beat Danny Jacobs in May, no?

“We will see,” Gomez repeated.

I put it to you…Is the 5-8 Canelo well suited to butt heads with the 6-3 Smith?

Talk to me!

Michael Woods
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