Does It Mean Anything That Canelo Has Sparred With Golovkin?

There is the possibility that the middleweight showdown on Sept 16, pitting Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez, emerges as the Fight of the Year when 2017 comes to a close.

The talent levels are high and the demeanor of the two is at a heady level; you get the sense that the pride in craft in each man is so immense, that neither will give a quarter. That dynamic could mean we get a back and forth element in this faceoff which would offer jaw-dropping moments when fortunes seesaw.

Some folks who like GGG to get the W might be citing the fact that the two have met before. yeah, they sparred. In 2011. And GGG trainer Abel Sanchez shared with TALKBOX listeners how that went and, indeed, if that work gives GGG any sort of edge going in to the contest which unfolds in Las Vegas and on HBO PPV.

First off, Sanchez told us that it isn’t true that GGG hurt Canelo badly with a body shot in one of the sessions, which I’d heard on the grapevine. “Canelo was 19 or 20, and Golovkin is very respectful,” the trainer said. “Golovkin is not abusive in the gym. And not only that, Canelo was a 147 pounder. They were helping each other with speed, helping each other with movement. It wasn’t anything like a sparring match when two guys don’t like each other. It was a sparring match when Golovkin was the bigger guy, the more experienced guy…it was more than one, there was actually two or three of them. But Golovkin didn’t hurt him. That’s untrue. He hit him with some shots. Canelo hit him with some shots, because they were working on some things. I don’t think you can take anything from that sparring match and say, ‘That’s gonna be the key in the fight.’’’


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