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It’s no secret, regular workouts are a mainstay in a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a consistent workout routine helps get our bodies tight and keep our minds right. But sometimes, finding the time and motivation to break a sweat can cause stress all on its own. That’s why finding a go-to workout you can look forward to and enjoy is essential to your fitness regimen. Elite Daily agrees- boxing workouts combine mind and body benefits all packed into one stress-relieving punch. Who wouldn’t want a work out that leans you out, tones your muscles, and empowers you to take on the world?

If that didn’t motivate you to try your hand- or jab- in the ring, maybe these 4 key takeaways from Elite Daily to convince you that boxing is one of the best workouts out there.

It keeps your body lean

Bag work torches tons of calories. Boxing workouts incorporate various full body exercises that burn fat while helping you tone up.

It flattens your midsection

Proper movements require an engaged core. Between throwing punches and rotating your hips, boxing targets your midsection to help you sculpt your abs.

Helps improve coordination

Boxing workouts include various sequences and require a connection between your mind and body. These focused movements help sharpen hand-eye coordination.

It will toughen you up physically and emotionally!

Boxing will challenge your body’s physical strength during tough workouts and leave you feeling accomplished and strong.

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Check out Gigi Hadid in this boxing tutorial:

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