Espinoza Update On Mayweather Fighting Again…Or Not

I tend to think it’s inevitable, like those taxes. I think Floyd Mayweather will fight again, despite his current status as “retired” entrepreneur/globe trotter.

Most of you agree with me, no surprise, being that most fighters lose their body’s cooperation to fight on before they lose their ambition mentally to soldier on, see if they can keep climbing mountains tall and steep.

I put it to Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza when he visited Everlast “Talkbox” this week. Has he touched base with “Money” recently, does he have anything to share of Floyd’s fighting status, be it in a ring or an Octagon?

They talked in April, Espinoza told us, and “he’s definitely still considering it, still mentions it,” speaking of a dip into the UFC pool.

He’s still at the nine figure ask mark, Espinoza said.

We also touched on other fresher matters, such as the Canelo v GGG rematch negotiations. With no dog in the hunt, Espinoza said, he thinks “50-50 seems to be the difficulty, but I don’t see 50-50 as being unfair.” He said that the pie they bake together is “much bigger” than any other baker pairing, and thus, why not give up five points here or there in recognition of that, he said. He said that in making Mayweather versus Pacquiao and then McGregor, Floyd gave up “more than he wanted to” to get the scraps made. He did it to make that half billion more than he’d have pocketed otherwise, Espinoza said. Yes, he shelved ego in pursuit of a bird in the hand, the executive stated.

We also talked about the upcoming Sho slate, beyond early summer. Keith Thurman early in the fall, Mikey Garcia v Robert Easter, Gervonta needs a tilt, those are all things being worked on, he said.

The Sho head man said that he thinks a Shawn Porter v Danny Garcia scrap would be a rugged rumble and no, he doesn’t begrudge guys like that taking ample time off between fights. He gets it, he knows fans want frequent fights, and they want the best fighting the best…but all the tangos can’t be of the most savage variety. He didn’t say it, but many of us expect Carlos Ocampo to NOT present Errol Spence to with a hellacious test, however these sorts of fights make sense, to help keep some of the stars in form to be able to come back and fight again in rapid-ish fashion.

We also talked about being a public figure and feeling the need to weigh in on matters beyond boxing, like civil rights, and politics and such. He said yes, he wants to be someone who is about more than boxing, so yes, he will make some stances and feelings known via Twitter, now and again.

Feel free to check out the whole chat, right here.

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