Fight Fail: Opponent No Shows, Alicia Napoleon Scrap Is Cancelled

Often, the outside the ring stuff can be as draining as the in the ring scraps, for fight game people.

Such as…

Alicia Napoleon did a lengthy and grueling camp, and was counting down to a Thursday night (June 21) fight, in Queens, NY, on a card put together by Lou DiBella.

And then, bang, as the juices were really flowing, as her game face was becoming fully fixed…

..the plug was pulled. Her fight was off, just like that.

“The opponent didn’t show up,” said the 32 year old Long Island resident, who holds a 9-1 mark. She had chatted with us Tuesday, for the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast, and was pumped to secure her tenth win, against Vashon Living (6-3), out of Texas.

But no Living at the Wednesday weigh in means no fight.

Napoleon is, hello, involved in the women’s fight game, so she’s used to things not going her way. We talked about how not everyone is on board, not everyone cares to see women fighting. “It’s not so heart wrenching when you hear people in the crowd, or opinions from other fans, not being on board with you, but when it comes from the top, when it comes from the head, when it comes from the people in the boxing business, that’s when it can get discouraging,” she said.  “But I have to keep in mind that’s a part of the game, it’s a part of my journey. Resistance is gonna come, and it’s just like training. If it’s not hard, and that resistance is not gonna pressure you, then you’re not gonna grow as a fighter, and it goes the same thing for your mentality in the business world and what you’re striving to achieve as a female fighter.”

Her promoter, Lou Dibella, was asked what happened to Living. “Just flaked and a no show,” he messaged me. “#Boxing.” (Note: I messaged Living via Facebook to ask her side of the story and will insert a response when furnished.)

Yep; this last second plug pulling is another one of “those things” that people experience on the way up. “There’s definitely fighting in my bones and my blood,” Napoleon said on the pod, after I asked if she’s related to THAT Napoleon, indicating she’ll not consider folding up her tent.

She’ll now focus her attention to a new hurdle. She will watch the Showtime card Friday night which will have Claressa Shields headlining against Hanna Gabriels, in a 160 pound tango. The Long Islander said that yes, it feels like a rivarly is brewing, that down the near line she will be fighting the Michigan based fighter who maintains that as of right now, she is Greatest Woman of All Time (GWOAT).

Hear more from Napoleon here.

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