To The Garden, With Gratitude: Heather Hardy Goes From Homeless To Co-Headliner

Heather Hardy is in fine-tune mode, with most of the physical work done to get her ready to fight Shelly Vincent Saturday night at the Madison Square Garden Theater in NYC.

The waiting may not be the hardest part—c’mon, getting hit in the face is no fun even for someone with a pain tolerance like hers—but it certainly is a component to contend with for high grade athletes.

On Thursday night, with the weigh in Friday to “look forward to,” Hardy, age 36, repping Dibella Entertainment and Gleason’s, put up a social media post which gives you an idea of where her head was at.

“Six years ago I was homeless, living out of my office at Gleason’s Gym. Tonight, there’s a billboard with my face hanging in Herald Square. Thanking God for never giving up on me,” she wrote.

And, indeed, there is her face, looming over Times Square, reminding the costumed Elmos to mind their Ps and Qs.

Oct. 29, 2012, the night of, Mother Nature showed who was boss and sent a storm surge that wrecked habitats on the coast.

Hardy’s hood, at Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, got whacked. Some people are still contending with rebuilding these years later…and the fighter, she’s thinking about the storms she’s weathered in that span of time.

Message: Don’t give up. Keep grinding, one foot in front of the other. Maybe don’t be afraid to cry, then dab with Kleenex, get a decent night’s sleep and work to make money to pay the electric bill tomorrow, while pursuing the bigger picture dream which will make it so electric bills are no longer to be feared and loathed. Don’t give up. She didn’t, and Saturday night, the formerly homeless lady from Gerritsen Beach will be fighting at the Madison Square Garden’s Theater, and on HBO. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Michael Woods
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