The Steven Seagal People Have Talked To George Foreman

UPDATE: The big man wants to get the band back together. In this case, the band consists pretty much of him, Big George Foreman, now 68, but still ready to rumble.

He called out martial artist/Russian citizen Steven Seagal and, we wonder, has he heard back?

“I am talking to Seagal’s manager right now,” Foreman told me Friday afternoon. “We will talk more in the days to come. Seagal is in Russia.”

Meanwhile, the fine folks at Bovada have put together some odds for this fantasy fight, which were sent to us by Props PR:

George Forman vs. Steven Seagal | No-Holds-Barred Fight Winner

Steven Seagal                           1/3

George Foreman                       2/1

**Note: Fight must occur before May 1st, 2018. Fight must be open to at least 2 fighting styles for wagers to have action.


His first comeback came in the late 80s, and he repped fortysomething men as well as could be, when he won a heavyweight championship, 23 years after he’d done it the first time.

George Foreman is an American original, a former bad attitude thugmaster who became a perma-grinning grillmaster, and he is still one of the top ten best known boxers on this planet, twenty years after his last professional boxing match.

Until know…

George, 68 years old and still vibrant and out and about, said he wants to glove up one more time. The idea came to him, he told listeners of the Everlast TALKBOX podcast, when he was hearing about this intra-league clash, between pugilist-specialist Floyd Mayweather, and the brash Irishman Conor McGregor, boss of the UFC. Why not me, he wondered.

He’d need a foil, a McGregor to his Mayweather. Steven Seagal, who had a solid run onscreen as a Hollywood martial arts leading man in the 90s, came to mind.

Foreman took to Twitter and invited Seagal to tango. “I work out every day, I’m in really good shape and you look in the mirror and you say, Why not do this?”

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.55.55 PM

He looked at the Floyd v Conor scrap and thought it would be better with two XL lads doing it. “People would really like to see two big guys and making sure there wouldn’t be any decision,” he said. He’s seen Seagal work out, and says the Hollywood fixture can actually fight. “Maybe three or four rounds, and a knockout!”

Foreman has dropped about 35 pounds over the last few months and decided he’d put that fine fitness to use. “I feel better than I did when I was the champ in 1995. I can still fight! It’s because I’m eating and exercising and taking care of myself!” He’d aim for 225-230 pounds if and when he fights Seagal.

Yes, he’d like to place this event on pay per view, he says. That’s the American way, after all, ask them to buy it and see if they do. “If you believe it will sell, then put it to the test!”

Seagal can use his legs, aim kicks at him, if he’d like. In a ring or a cage? “No weapons at all…he’s be able to kick,” he said, stating that he didn’t think it was right for Mayweather not to let McGregor use MMA moves. They’d do it in a ring, he told us.

So, has heard back from the 65-year-old Seagal? “I’m waiting right now, I know he’s gonna contact me, I know he’s heard all about it. We’ve met before and talked about a match, and he said he’d believe he could beat me, that kind of thing. So it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to say, “OK, George I’m ready.’ He’d have to get in shape too, he’s a little younger than me, but he’d have to train. It wouldn’t take but six weeks and he’d be ready to fight me. We could actually put on a good bout that everybody would enjoy!”

Foreman said he’s talked to Mayweather Promotions about doing some work prior and he thinks his ex promoter Bob Arum might like to get involved. “It’s gonna be a match, in Las Vegas, there has to be a winner declared. I say ten round event, but I don’t think it’ll go ten rounds. The guy can kick. So I gotta get some defense for kicking, but I think I can knock him out in one or two rounds.”

The Hall of Famer said that there’s no need to get up and age and shrivel up. “My wife is laughing, this is the first time she’s mentioned fighting and she’s smiled,” he stated. He told us his kids think Seagal can whup pop, they’ve been impressed with Seagal’s Hollywood karate, “but they don’t understand, I’m real!”

Foreman said he has no animosity versus Seagal, who’s been in the news for talking smack about the NFLers “Take a knee” protest. He gained Russian citizenship last year and has lauded Vladimir Putin as a marvelous leader and the special counsel’s probe into possible Trump team collusion with Russia bunk. But Foreman said he’s not targeting Seagal over any of that hubbub. “It’s all about an exercise in hand to hand combat…though he’d able to kick.”

Seagal and company can find George on Twitter and Facebook or they can call Arum, Foreman said.

Or, poke me, I will broker this thing. Hey, I think George could still beat some guys in the heavyweight top 50 today, given six months to train. One life to live, we have, if George wants to do it, have at it, big man.

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