George Foreman Likes Mikey Garcia To Beat Errol Spence

Most folks responding to the news that Mikey Garcia is going all throwback, looking to jump from his comfort zone at 135 to welterweight territory, where Errol Spence is oh so comfortable and holds the power of a middleweight thought something along the lines of, “Ouch.”

Garcia is trying to cross a too far bridge, and he’s going to pay dearly for his temerity, is that basic sum-up I saw from lots of pundits and fans.

Not so living legend George Foreman.

I saw a Tweet of his in which he made clear he likes the Cali boxer from the fighting family to make the oddsmakers and naysayers look silly. “Yep, Mikey is solid! Take a couple of rounds to get his jab working and Spence is on the move. Like in Ali vs Foreman, when the boat broke, (one man) couldn’t change in the middle of the stream.”

So wait, does George feel so strongly that Garcia has the skill and style to beat the Texas masher? “Everyone has told Spence ‘You’ll KO him with ease… and quick.’

He could see the fight turning if after five or six rounds Spence hasn’t done the expected, and KO Mikey…

“Hollywood sends you out, you got to be the character assigned to you. Wish I could have backed into the ropes, covered up and waited till Ali tired. Spoiled the movie!”

So, George is thinking Mikey is the one whose style will work best here…and he’s telling us he thinks his defense will render Spence’s power null…and that Spence will play the Foreman role, and not switch the gears once the power edge he holds cannot be activated.

Foreman talked some more about fighter’s adhering to roles they think they should be inhabiting—he benefitted, he told me, when Michael Moorer chose Reyes gloves and entered the ring against him thinking he was the bomber. And that POV exploded in his face, the instant Foreman’s patient effort culminated in a jab-right hand to the chin in round ten.

Talk to me—who else among you is in the Foreman camp on this matter?

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