George Foreman Weighs In On Andy Ruiz Victory

The man knows something about being judged, pre-judged, about being seen as less of a threat because he liked, reallllly liked, cheeseburgers.

Andy Ruiz has that weakness for Snickers..

..and George Foreman dug his burgers, and no, he wasn’t so inclined to give ’em up ahead of a fight. He’d weigh what he’d weigh, in that second chapter of his Hall of Fame career, and to hell with ’em if they wanted him to trim down. He felt strong and full of stamina at the 270 range.

So, yes, George Foreman got an extra measure of appreciation pinballing in his had Saturday night, when Ruiz downed the sculpted Anthony Joshua, notching a win for the weight watchers of the world.

“Ruiz has been the best kept secret in boxing for years,” Foreman told me. “I never expected him to KO AJ, but I was not surprised with his victory.”

He found himself thinking about the choosing of Ruiz (here on the TALKBOX podcast, before the AJ bout)  as the foe, to fill in for Jarrell Miller, he said. “Not good management. I always look at the manager. Fighters always believe the hype about ourselves.”

He himself fell for the hype of self: “Ali is over the hill, eye cut don’t worry he’ll be out in three. AJ, he was Tyson, Lewis and Foreman wrapped up in one.”

So, you think Ruiz was a bad choice, because of his style?

“Correct, guy didn’t know how to jab an experienced fighter,” jumbo George, who now veers closer to cruiserweight than ultra heavy, because he’s amended his eating habits. “You gotta know your fighter..boxing is not really a tall man’s sport, the best have always been about Ruiz’ height… Louis, Marciano, Frazier and Tyson.”

Noted, from a man who knows of plus poundage pugs and also what makes for a stellar ring general.

Michael Woods
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