GGG Promoter Defends Choice of Martirosyan Over Derevyanchenko: Loeffler V Mannix

A quick polite minor beef popped up on social last night, late, before midnight ET.

Gennady Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler did something he really almost never does, and publicly refuted a message from a media member.

So there it is…

Yahoo reporter Chris Mannix thinks GGG is dodging Russian 160 badass Sergey Derevyanchenko, who has less than 15 fights as a pro but is ranked highly because he had a bunch of WBS fights. The IBF ranks him No 1, and GGG holds the IBF 160 strap. Many pushed for GGG to sub in Derevyanchenko after Canelo got ousted for PED use. But Vanes Martirosyan, a 154, got the call instead. He figures to not be as tough an out as Derevyanchenko, who is promoted by Lou Dibella and managed by Keith Connolly.

Here’s the thing…everyone privately would agree that Derevyanchenko is a tougher grade than Vanes, and GGG would want a full camp to craft a strategy to to best him, with trainer Abel Sanchez. The 154 guy who hasn’t fought in like two years seems the “safer” bet.

Now, would I say that GGG is “ducking” Derevyanchenko? Naw…I don’t use ducking or dodging flippantly. I think the better way to see it and say it is Team GGG is acknowledging that Derevyanchenko is no gimme. And they are pros, they won’t say and don’t think Vanes is a gimme. As for how marketable Vanes is, I do not profess to know his track record as a seat filler; but he is a vet who has fought bigger names than Derevyanchenko. So he quite possibly is “moe marketable” than Sergey….

Anyway, good stuff, in that one again social media is encouraging candid debate, which helps readers get closer to knowing the truth.

Michael Woods
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