GGG Thinks Canelo Was Dirty For First Fight, Team Canelo Fires Back

Team Golovkin took aim at Team Canelo, with both barrels, today.

Gennady Golovkin spoke to the LA Times’ Lance Pugmire and took a hard shot at the Mexican, who was ensnared in a PED flap, as his sample a month ago was flagged for having traces of the fat shedder Clenbuterol. Tainted beef was blamed and GGG has said that he is clean and will do as much testing as necessary to show that.

“It was pretty obvious his muscles had visible injections,” GGG told Pugmire. “Take a look at the photos and ask a doctor.”

I asked Golden Boy exec Eric Gomez if he wanted to respond, on behalf of Team Canelo:

So there you go…

“Losers make excuses.” Yep, the nasty-meter just popped in this one, friends.

This is A-grade trash talk, from Golovkin who has, like, never engaged in such rap.

Your thoughts on this subject and spat?

Michael Woods
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