Golden Boy’s Eric Gomez on Canelo-GGG PPV Number

Naysayers like to focus on negatives, and the “if it bleeds it leads” focus is front and center in media coverage, because good news doesn’t get the buzz that bad news and dramatics does…but Golden Boy executive Eric Gomez is not too interested in looking at the much discussed controversial aspects of the Canelo Alvarez versus Gennady Golovkin middleweight faceoff which occurred Saturday night.

Attesting to the health and wellness of the scrap and promotion, Gomez told me that the PPV will go down as the “biggest pay per view without an American fighter” in the main event. Gomez, now looking ahead to the Saturday title defense for Jorge Linares, which will run on HBO, said the middleweight mashup did a “ridiculous number” and “really, really well,” though it is too early to give a number beyond that it did better than Canelo’s PPV in May against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

It sounded like, in the immediate aftermath of the Vegas rumble, which saw one judge lean Canelo, another lean GGG and a third seeing a tie, that all involved have an appetite for a sequel. Does that still hold true?

“After the fight, we gave Canelo time off, we haven’t talked to him,” Gomez said. “We are very interested in the rematch. I’m looking to talk to (Golovkin promoter) Tom Loeffler today or Friday. And I will sit with Oscar (Wednesday) and go over everything. We will do a recap of the show. The consensus with everybody is rematch we will definitely explore. But the devil is in the details. We will be sitting down with Tom and going over details. It was an exciting fight in so many ways. It was a smooth promotion, everyone was happy and cordial, regardless of who you think won. But you get the sense we have to do a tiebreaker.”

One element I broached with Gomez, did he think fans on site were booing Canelo for not engaging in as much rock em sock em robots as they desired?  “No, no,”he answered. “I don’t agree with that. They were booing the score. And I think Canelo is just as much a victim as GGG is. Because people associate him with the (Adelaide Byrd) score.”

Point taken; we discussed the ease, and the improper nature of the way people sling accusations of “corruption.”

“People have to blame somebody and they didn’t know who that judge was,” Gomez noted. “They sure as hell weren’t booing those last three rounds when Canelo was banging, the last three rounds were incredible! It was a great fight, the guys delivered too many positives to concentrate on one negative. Nobody didn’t get their moneys worth, the media was happy. I like to look at positives.

I wondered, is it set in stone that the next time we see Canelo in a ring is May 2018?

“It depends on later this week. Everything is open,” Gomez said.

Fair to say a rematch with GGG is the leader as far as “next?” Might a Miguel Cotto rematch be 1B on the list of possibles?

“Yes, everything is open but fans and media have said, top priority is a Canelo versus GGG rematch,’ Gomez said in closing.

Your thoughts, fans. This is your heart’s desire, a tie-breaker to see if one man or another can more definitively convince the masses of their supremacy?

Michael Woods
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