Golovkin-Canelo PPV Did “Significantly Above” 1 Million Buys Received For Canelo-Chavez Jr

Gennady Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler has retained a large measure of even-minded chill after his guy was handed a decision which a large swath of boxing fandom and pundits disagreed with.

GGG now has a draw on his record after engaging with Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night at T-Mobile in Las Vegas, and the howls of consternation, and demands for the head of Adelaide Byrd are only now dying down, in some quarters, to the occasional spasm rather than persistent roar.

Loeffler, on the Everlast podcast TALKBOX, is in the camp with just about everyone we’ve talked to, who said that the 118-110 Byrd card for the Mexican was an egregious overstep into fantasy.

Indeed, he took issue in his composed style with Don Trella, who saw the clash a 114-114 affair, noting that Trella scored round seven for Canelo, and that was one of the two rounds that Byrd gave to the 35 year old hitter from Kazakhstan.

Yes, a case was made, obliquely, for working on artificial intelligence and robotic alternatives to living, breathing beings who time and again submit outlandish scorecards, and keep our sport the butt of jokes and severe scoffing, while stifling growth in the fanbase which can’t fathom how the proud martial art hasn’t dealt with this unrelenting failure in oversight.

Despite the laser focus on the Byrd card and the result which made draws drop in some quarters, Loeffler shared with us a tidbit that shifted our thinking off a negative slant. This bout and card did better business on pay per view, he said, than the Canelo versus Julio Cesar Chavez Jr event. That promotion, which unfolded in May, featuring two Hispanic attractions, and it was no foregone conclusion that Canelo vs the Kazak boxer, so soon after the Mayweather-McGregor extravangza, also offered on PPV, would beat their numbers.

“It’s definitely tracking much higher than the Canelo versus Chavez fight,” Loeffler told us. “We saw with the ticket sales, the PPV sales, all the international TV sales, we sold over 200 countries for this fight. So this was really one of those fights that transcended boxing and became an international sporting event. The Canelo versus Chavez fight did over a million buys, and we’re definitely significantly above that.”

Loeffler also said, days after the controversially decided tango, he’s fine with a 116-1112 scorecard for his guy, now 37-0-1. “I agree with your scoring and Harold Lederman’s scoring,” Loeffler said. “Harold had it 8-4, he’s the HBO judge on the air, both guys are HBO fighters, so there’s no bias one way or another, so I’d agree with him.”

Action and drama were delivered to fans, Loeffler reminded us, so from that perspective, he’s happy. “I think the only way it can be answered definitively is to do it one more time, and see who the real champion is. Gennady feels like the real champion, trainer Abel Sanchez is convinced that Gennady won, so they’re not down, they know they won the fight.”

We touched on the preponderance of voices sharing that they think that in a rematch, Canelo will win EASILY. They think that Father Time will sap more from the 35 year old, and that Canelo can adjust his strategy and win handily. Bring it on, said Loeffler. He hopes Team Canelo is that confident, because that will have making a rematch easier. Loeffler said that he and fans think Gennady, not Canelo, “has the real Mexican style.” The implication there is that many hope that Canelo chooses next time to trade more, not be so focused on defense. That could well favor GGG, yes? Though I’d doubt he’d alter his game plan to fit the desires of folks wanting more reckless trading.

Loeffler was asked if he considered filing an official protest, and trying to get the decision overturned, and examined with a hope to rectify scorecards that didn’t, perhaps, reflect reality. He said he still wants to talk with Bob Bennett, who runs the Nevada commission on a day to day basis. Loeffler said it wasn’t such an issue, to be excessively wary of bad scorecards, when Canelo was kayoing foes. Now, against A listers like Danny Jacobs and Canelo, judges’ renderings are now something for Team Golovkin to ponder harder. A rematch, he reiterated,  is probably the best way to properly sort the issue and quell the hubbub.

And why, I asked, aren’t we doing better to attend to the bad judges issue… “Why is it same old same old, Tom?” I posed to the deal-maker. Why don’t the big deal dons work on bettering the system? Good question, he said. He said that Byrd has mostly done acceptable work and he didn’t flag her as a mess-maker in the prelude.

Was Byrd influenced by the sound of Canelo fans hooraying when their man landed, Loeffler asked rhetorically? Should robots get the gig, I asked? Punchstats could be an aid, though as Loeffler said, one lopsided round could give the idea that one man’s stat edge was more meaningful than it was in actuality.

Your thoughts, friends. On the buy numbers…on the prospects for a rematch and what might unfold in that face off…talk to us!

Michael Woods
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