Golovkin Obliterates Wade, Gonzalez Conquers Arroyo


Gennady Golovkin Needs Just Two To Finish Dominic Wade

Add Dominic Wade to the increasingly long list of fighters who’ve been knocked out by Gennady Golovkin.

Golovkin, a unified middleweight titleholder and the boxer seen by nearly all as the best at 160 pounds, knocked Wade down three times overall en route to a second-round victory.

The first knockdown came toward the end of the first round, when Golovkin landed a right hand counter that went over Wade’s left hook and hit the side of his head. It was the second time in Wade’s career that he’d been put on the canvas. It wouldn’t be the last.

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Golovkin landed another hard right hand up high early in the second, then continued to target Wade’s body. Wade was able to hit Golovkin with a handful of shots. None of them had any effect on “GGG.” Golovkin has a chin that may be just as hard as his fists. Meanwhile, only three people have been able to withstand Golovkin’s hands.

Wade wasn’t one of them. Golovkin floored him twice more in the second. The first came when a jab was followed by a left uppercut to the chin and a right hand to the shoulder. Wade got up at the count of nine. Golovkin soon landed another right hand over Wade’s left. Wade remained on all fours as the referee reached 10, rising too late.

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That makes 22 straight knockouts or technical knockouts for Golovkin, who is now 35-0 with 32 KOs. He has two world titles and still is aiming for those who have the rest. His top target is Canelo Alvarez, the former 154-pound titleholder who is considered the champion at 160 — he beat Miguel Cotto, who beat Sergio Martinez, who beat Kelly Pavlik, who beat Jermain Taylor, who beat Bernard Hopkins. Canelo will face Amir Khan on May 7 and has not yet committed to facing Golovkin afterward.

Wade is now 18-1 with 12 KOs. There’s no shame in being defeated by Golovkin; Wade had much less to lose by taking on this challenge than Canelo would. Wade became the mandatory challenger to one of Golovkin’s belts when another fighter suffered an injury. He took the opportunity. Wade couldn’t compete with Golovkin, but no one else has beaten Golovkin yet in the pros either. Wade will get a true measure of his talent the next time he faces another upper-level opponent.
Roman Gonzalez Wins Dominant Decision Over McWilliams Arroyo

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez has for the past year had the fortune of being featured on the televised undercards of one of the best fighters in the world, Gennady Golovkin. That has helped him make plenty of fans.

Of course, it also hasn’t hurt that Gonzalez himself is considered to be one of the best, if not the best boxer around today.

The 112-pound dynamo defended his championship with yet another great performance, overwhelming McWilliams Arroyo en route to a wide unanimous decision win. Two judges had it 119-109, or 11 rounds to 1, while the third judge saw Gonzalez scoring a shutout.

Arroyo put forth a game effort. But his power wasn’t enough to trouble Gonzalez, whose constant pressure and activity also made it more difficult for Arroyo to load up on his shots. Arroyo threw in spurts but otherwise had to focus on moving, blocking and surviving as Gonzalez continued to unleash a barrage of heavy-handed, well-placed punches.

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A skilled power-puncher is difficult enough to deal with. Gonzalez is a skilled power-puncher who astonishingly threw more than 1,100 punches, more than 94 a round. He was credited with landing 360, or 30 per round, with nearly all of them being power shots (anything that’s not a jab) — 311 in total, or about 26 per round.

To make matters worse, the sole of one of Arroyo’s shoes tore off in the fourth round.

Still, Arroyo was able to remain standing until the final bell. He’s the first fighter to make it the distance with Gonzalez since 2012, ending a 10-fight knockout streak. Alas, moral victories aren’t actual victories. Arroyo fell to 16-3 with 14 KOs. One of those losses came early in his career, while another came against another flyweight titleholder, Amnat Ruenroeng.

Gonzalez, who is now 45-0 with 38 KOs, says he won’t remain in the division for too much longer. He held world titles at 105 and 108 pounds and is considered the true champ at 112.

Boxing’s most hardcore fans would love to see Gonzalez in a rematch with Juan Francisco Estrada, who lost a decision to Gonzalez at 108 pounds in 2012 before going on to capture two flyweight titles himself. Some wonder about how Gonzalez’s fan-friendly style would look against the decidedly ugly approach of Ruenroeng. There are also those who daydream about fights between Gonzalez and 115-pound titleholders Naoya Inoue and Carlos Cuadras.

For years, these lighter weight classes were often ignored. There may have been some who’d heard that Gonzalez was one of the best. Now an increasingly wider audience is seeing why that’s the case.

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