Golovkin Trainer Sanchez Thinks Chavez Might Drop Canelo

Abel Sanchez has been with Gennady Golovkin since 2010, after the Kazahk hitter made the rounds and visited some gyms in the US, and liked the one Sanchez ran, and the manner of the coach.

They’ve risen to some unimagined heights, oh okay, imagined maybe to them, two high achievers who are mentally set up to aim for high marks, and hit them.

Now, the Golovkin run isn’t done. He comes off a win over Danny Jacobs, but the first time in pretty much forever, the looks on the faces of GGG and his peeps as they waited to hear what the judges had seen at Madison Square Garden after twelve rounds of combat between GGG and a fighter who most had predicted would play accordion, fold up, after getting his chin checked and wrecked in the Garden, spoke of uncertainty.

But the run is at a point where maybe the finish line is more so in sight. And so, there are tasks to accomplish. The bucket list, it has to be attended to now not with urgency, but, arguably, something closer to that. It looks and feels and it seems as though GGG’s bucket list includes a clash with Canelo Alavarez who in a few hours will try his hand at the middleweight plus division, and trying to teach Julio Cesar Chavez that hoe, nt Junior, is closer to a chip off the old block that is the most revered Mexican fighter of all time, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

Sanchez will be present to see that he can do as much as he can to fullfill the bucket list. That includes being on site tonight, at the T-Mobile in Las Vegas, to see Canelo and Junior do their dance, over twelve rounds or less.

I wondered, does Sanchez think Junior has a chance to beat Canelo, mess up some plans that if they haven’t been laid, have been plotted out with zest.

“I think the redhead should win, although I believe Junior will scare him a couple times, maybe even drop him, but speed, combination punching, recent activity should prevail,” Sanchez told me.

Wow, if Junior drops him, that joint will explode, and the mini heart attacks that will be occuring in the chests of some persons who have so much to gain if Canelo scraps with GGG, in September….


I followed up…

Really, Canelo get dropped? How does Sanchez figure? Canelo rarely gets buzzed, let alone dropped, let alone stopped…

“I think they both understand the importance of this fight for Mexican boxing and for boxing in general, so they will go at each other and make it a fight,” Sanchez said.

Fair to say some folks are thinking Junior (50-2-1), a super middle/light heavyweight sized guy, if he’s cut to weight in right manner, should possess more power than anyone Canelo has fought. And thus, that power could spell if not doom, then trouble for the 48-1-1 Canelo. “Not just that but his size will make him more apt to take the shots, at same time Canelo will open up while trying to attack, Junior may catch him between them,” said Sanchez.

My take: Junior’s launches have the look of possessing more power, perhaps, than they do. The loop gives them a splashy look; but his KO ratio, 59%, it isn’t all-star nasty. So me, I think Canelo’s chin won’t need to be Teflon on this night. But I’m hoping Sanchez is spot on, and we do see a back and forth punchout, with drama and doubt.

Michael Woods
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