Gym Spotlight: Box N Burn – Boxing for Fitness

If you are in Santa Monica, CA make sure you stop by Box N Burn to get the best workout of your life and learn from world renowned trainer Tony Jeffries!

Box N Burn Academy in Association With Everlast is an elite level boxing training program & trainer certification designed & structured by Box ‘N Burn owners Tony Jeffries (Olympic medalist, & undefeated professional boxer) and Kevan Watson , Boxing fitness expert

Box N Burn Academy is designed to educate fitness professionals, boxing coaches and boxing & fitness enthusiasts in the field of boxing for fitness, and to help them understand and acquire the knowledge behind boxing as functional fitness training.

The course will provide the necessary knowledge, understanding & hands-on training to structure safe & effective Box N Burn training classes and sessions with clients in a private or group settings.
We combine the principles of professional boxing training & functional fitness training to form a unique training regime.

Boxing For Fitness Benefits

Weight loss, improved strength, muscular endurance, power,
Low impact / non contact while high intensity
Full body workout
Minimal space required
High energy / cal expenditure in shorter amount of time
Time effective


Sense of well-being
Improved focus / concentration

Muscles, Anaerobic v Aerobic

Performed correctly, boxing training will effectively work & develop the majority of muscles in the entire body. Due to the large amount of continuous bodyweight movement during a training session, muscular and cardiovascular endurance is a natural by product of boxing. Correct footwork & technique are essential to making sure the entire body (arms, shoulder, core, legs) is engaged during training.
A typical 60min session of boxing training will average at around 60% anaerobic and 40% aerobic and can be adapted according to a client’s needs / abilities.
When performing an exercise such as punching a focus mitt, we are required to generate force, so our breathing rhythm will change as we generate the force due to the energy required to execute the movement.
Boxing training can be related to the same concepts as high repetition resistance training where the muscle is under constant loads for a given amount of time.

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