Hall of Famer Steve Farhood Looks At All the #MayweatherMcGregor Angles

Three days away…

We await with bated breathe..or maybe in a mode of impatience, as we wish the hype assault to cease, and to move on to less exotic matters..

But Saturday is almost here, and we will soon be able to move out of supposition sphere and into more reality-based fare. Hopefully…

My wish is that Floyd Mayweather backs up his promises to give the fans action galore, and finishes off the motor mouthed Dubliner, the Irish Ali, the MMAer Conor McGregor.

I had Showtime analyst Steve Farhood on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast and we chopped it up, looked at #MayweatherMcGregor from all the angles.

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“Look, August 26th is a unique thing,” the recently installed International Boxing Hall of Fame entrant told me. “There’s never been anything like it, there’s never been anything at this level. How is it gonna do? I’m fascinated by that as much as anybody is. Initially, I said, ‘OK, this is gonna do well.’ Then I saw the four city press tour and I said, ‘My God, this is gonna go nuts, when I saw how the people reacted. It’s gonna blow away #PacquiaoMayweather in PPV buys. Then you see, it’s not sold out yet. Granted, the ticket prices are ridiculous and the secondary ticket prices are more ridiciculous. I think this is a case where maybe more than any other PPV event we’ve had, in boxing or otherwise, where people say, ‘Oh, I’m not paying a hundred bucks, I’m not buying that!’…but you know they wanna see it. There’s a curiosity factor. And they’re gonna go to somebody’s house, maybe they won’t spend a hundred dollars, we’ll see, but they’re gonna go to somebody’s house, bring a pizza or wine or kick in $20 I think it’s sort of a guilty pleasure for a lot of people.”

Farhood also told us he was reminded that, by the way, if you are thinking this one is all about money, well, it kind of always has been. Jack Johnson, the hubbub, the hype, the racial angling, all that stuff, Farhood told us, nothing new here now.

Like that race angle…”That’s sorta the undercurrent of this fight that people sorta don’t wanna talk about,” Farhood told us.

Just about all the “news” tidbits that we’ve seen surrounding this fight, Farhood continued, pretty much it’s all marketing. He reminded us that race has been used to promote fights formally, many moons…such as when Gerry Cooney wore the Great White Hope cap headed to his showdown with Larry Holmes.

“It’s not a pure fight, it’s a spectacle,” Farhood continued. “I don’t know a single boxing writer who sees this as a legit matchup,” though many in the MMA community do see their kid as having a good chance. The boxing press, he said, has been covering it correctly, in his opinion.

We touched on the lol angle that saw Paul Malignaggi dominate the news cycle for two plus weeks with his sparring session and fallout from Team McGregor. Farhood was on Paulie’s pod the day he got hired by Team McGregor. “Paulie’s intentions were good, but the fact that he was used didn’t surprise me,” he said. “Paulie went into it with the best of intentions…the right attitude.” Farhood wasn’t surprised that Team McGregor broke an unwritten rule in leaking edited tidbits to the masses which made him look solid.

We touched on Aug 27…what will the discussion be. Where will boxing be? Farhood said that if this one is easy work and Floyd doesn’t finish Conor there won’t be the same woe we saw and heard after Manny and Floyd bored us. Expectations are not the same, not among boxing fanatics, anyway. Farhood said if Conor tries to win, shoots his load in four rounds or so, and Floyd stops him, then all should be happy. Because Conor still can pivot to being that massive draw in UFC. So he will have things to cheer him up even if he gets handled easy.

I opined that we need NEED NEEEEED a climax on Aug 26…we need Floyd or Conor to give us that peak moment..we need a stoppage, we need Floyd to dial down dial in and look to finish off that stubborn Dubliner. It could go either way, Farhood said…Those brittle hands have held him back but there will be no more fights to save them for.  ALSO…it’s an MMA crowd at T-Mobile, he noted, and Floyd will be booed badly if he is just being mostly the defensive master on Saturday. And who among us, even Floyd, wants to hear that raining down of hatred? “He’s always taken a safety first approach,” the analyst stated, but he thinks TBE will find Conor so easy to hit, that he will open up and seek to gain a stoppage, maybe around 7 or 8.

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