Heather Hardy Headlines Pro Show in Brooklyn Thursday

Boxing is back in NYC on Saturday, most readers of this site know, but will also be back in Brooklyn, tomorrow night.

On Thursday night, a rarity. A club show in the five boroughs, this one taking place in Brooklyn, at the LIU-Paramount building in downtown Brooklyn.

Heather Hardy, the 19-0 hitter who calls Brooklyn home and fights out of the famed and fabled Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO, will tangle with Edina Kiss on the top of the card, promoted by Lou Dibella.

The promoter, who just snapped up another baseball team, told Everlast that no, we shouldn’t get used to seeing more of these “Broadway Boxing” shows, as we had become accustomed to. That was before the politicians and regulators in NY installed a rule which beefs up insurance coverage for combat sports events in NY, but in effect all but destroys the ability for business-persons to stage those shows in this area, because of costs.

“Thursday night will show how hard it is to do small shows, how this is a one off, and that we have no continuity, because we can’t do a lot of fights, because of the expense,” Dibella told us. “I’m sure fellow promoter Joe Deguardia is experiencing also lost momentum because of the lack of regularity. Boxing is the red headed step-child of combat sports in NY.”

OK, so has he seen any positive movement, any push towards minimizing the insurance ask, which has inflated the cost of doing business on these club shows to the point that it makes even breaking even a sky high task? “I’ve seen nothing,” Dibella said. “This show is basically a reminder we are still here. There will be a big announcement from Heather Hardy in the ring after her fight. And because of the snafu with timing in her last fight (also against Edina Kiss, on March 4), almost nobody saw it, that’s why we are running again. Also, I want NY fans to see Charles Conwell, a 2016 Us Olympian, who will fight at 154 in the pros. I think he’s one of the most talented kids in the world, in the same category as Shakur Stevenson. He’s fighting a 3-1 kid. Also fighting is Noel Murphy, an Irish fighter, 9-0, a welterweight. He’s really been improving, I want people to see him. Also, Nicklaus Flaz, 4-0, huge puncher, super welterweight, from Puerto Rico, has family in NY. So…every fight, it cost multiple thusands just on insurance. It will be difficult to even break even. But we will do it, and maybe I will do one more before the end of the year. But we will be having many more shows of “Broadway Boxing” and will do one at Foxwoods in CT the first week of June, and will do more outside the state.”

My take: It is a shame. I’m hoping to hear back from the NY State Athletic Commission after I sent some questions to them, via email, and that perhaps this regulation, far and away the most onerous of any in the nation, can be adjusted. Because it is a job killer, as it stands.

NOTE: Thursday is the day of the birth of the marvelous Meredith, of Dibella Entertainment. To celebrate, guess what? At the door, when purchasing a ticket, use the code “BIRTHDAY” and you will get ten percent off the cost of your ticket purchase!

NOTE 2: There will be no stream of the event, so to watch, come out to the venue.

Michael Woods
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