Heather Hardy: “I Won’t Let Myself Feel Like A Loser”

You see the posts on social media, and she is grooving and looking like she’s having a blast and you know she absorbed a tough loss in her recent fight and you tell yourself, damn, Heather Hardy makes it look easy.

The art of the comeback, the bounce back, the exhibition of grit and resilience which is part of the skill set, most often, that sets the world class fighter apart from the rest of us. Heather Hardy, I told her, you make the bounce back look easy.

“Nothing in life is easy Woods,” the 1-1 MMAer told me.

OK, so, for real, how has it been since the Oct. 20 Bellator match against Kristina Williams?

“I mean, I won’t let myself feel like a loser because while there are things I know looking back that should’ve been done differently, while I was in there, I gave everything. “How can I feel like a loser after that? I’m not about winning and losing. In boxing you have to win or you’re garbage, no one takes you seriously. Some people wanted so bad to keep my “0” because it was the only way they could try to sell me to a network. MMA is about fighting. Putting on great fights and being the type of warrior that fans want to see. That’s home for me. That’s where I’m comfortable.”

Home is where the heart is, it is said, and digging down, doesn’t it really mean home is where the most real version of you, the one with the hidden six pack and stinky socks feet, is embraced?

So…Williams did a nose job on Hardy with her round house kick. How has the healing gone?

“The face is healing. I’m back to training full time, and I’m excited to get back in there. Ready to fight whoever the fans want to see me in there with!”

This pic, from two days after the kick heard round the world.

This pic, from two days after the kick heard round the world.

And when did the docs say Hardy could resume training to include facial impact? “Four more weeks,” Hardy enthused. “The countdown!”

Right, sounds like this is what she wants more than anything for Christmas. These fighters, they aren’t like you and me…

So, to reiterate, it hasn’t been easy. She feels pain, physical and emotional. But she soldiers on, grinds it out, with a grin. Fighters, yep, they aren’t like you and me.

Michael Woods
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