Heather Hardy Sends Out Public Service Announcement At Internet Haters

Fighter Heather Hardy took time out from vacationing in Jamaica to send a PSA to internet haters, folks who like to hide behind their keyboard and take shots with the bravery that comes from being out of range.

Bravo, lady!

The #Brooklyn is strong in this one!

Hardy, age 36, grew up in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, and is one of the best known female fighters in the world. Her fire isn’t limited to the ring, where she holds a 21-0 record fighting under the DiBella Entertainment banner, or in the cage, where she’s 2-1 fighting for Bellator.

See below, where she strikes a blow at the ninnies who think it’s OK to critique pics and dissect bodies and beings like those persons don’t have feelings.

Hardy, for the win…


Michael Woods
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