Hey Teddy Atlas, You Like The Idea of Pacquiao v Mayweather 2?

You have heard the chatter, after the trial balloon, sent up by Manny Pacquiao, was released.

How about a Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather rematch, y’all?

On July 16, the fighting Senator said, “Mayweather? If he decides to go back to boxing then that is the time we are going to call the shots. I have the belt  so it’s up to him. If he wants to come back in boxing let’s do a second one.”

Fair to say the response to that concept was…mixed.

OK, mixed between ‘no thanks’ and ‘hell naw.’  I’d say that I saw and heard pretty much across the board a lack of enthusiasm to Manny’s mention of ‘a second one.’ Yeah, the first one left a taste in the mouth of most watchers, I’d say, most of the ones who didn’t get a chunk of moolah from the clash, which looked like a dispirited sparring match rather than a super-fight.

Trainer/analyst Teddy Atlas was asked about the rematch possibility when he came on the Randy Gordon-Gerry Cooney Sirius/XM boxing show, on Monday night.

Color Atlas unenthused.

“That ship has sailed … I’ve seen that movie already. And it wasn’t too good the first time (in May 2015). No, I don’t want to see it,” said the Staten Island resident, who has been providing analysis content for ESPN. “The fight was five years too late when it took place. I want to see that fight five years later? Three years later? No. The sad part in that, that to me – you might as well be putting a light outside your place saying I need money. That’s what that yells and screams. That’s sad. That’s very sad.”

My three cents: Yeah, I don’t know the state of Manny’s finances. That aside, if he needed money and the rematch idea was still something that floated my boat, I’d say cool.

But nah, I just don’t want to walk that same pathway, go over that same ground, now. Could the second fight be better than the first? It would be hard for it to be worse, to be honest. But even the idea of reviving that pairing seems stale, and off. Once was, for me, definitely more than enough.

Michael Woods
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