Hurd Losing Sends Ripples Of Change

When things don’t go our way, mirror time can be tough. We can squint and see and look at ourselves and wonder if what we thought to be true was reality…or, were we deluding ourselves?

And of course, we look at our reflection, and also scan peripherally, probably even look over the left shoulder, and the right, in rear view mirror objects…and perhaps ask if our support system was as strong as it needed to be. And we sift….

Jarrett Hurd has been doing that; you can see for yourself when you check out his wording in this Q n A with Lem Satterfield of PBC on July 2.

The 23-1 boxer from Maryland was asked about his parting of the ways with trainer Ernesto Rodriguez. “My corner was kind of all over the place. My head trainer, Nesto Rodriguez, I don’t know if you’ve seen one of the interviews that he did, but it turns out that he wasn’t the guy I thought he was. Before the fight, he was telling everyone I was going to knock J-Rock out in the 10th round….It felt like he was saying that I was doing things in my personal life that affected my performance in the ring that night against Julian Williams.”

So, here is the interview that Hurd was referring to. The trainer told me it dropped, on the “Laugh At First Site” YouTube platform, maybe ten days before he and Hurd had their “parting of the ways” chat.

Indeed, the trainer was in candid mode, and that level of directness seemed to strike Hurd hard. “I think Jarrett didn’t expect the J-Roc that came, but I did,” he said on video, admitting that he wanted another bout, not J-Roc. “It was a clash of styles..and in my opinion, business wise, he could have gotten a bigger fight, a better fight.”

Ernesto said he talked to Hurd the day after the fight, then not for a spell, and that Hurd was rightly enjoying vacation time. He said no, an immediate rematch wouldn’t be the best call, a “step back” fight, with fewer distractions, would be optimal.

He, this happens–a boxer/trainer relationship is indeed like a marriage. You are not always going to be on that same page…

Rodriguez, who works with D’Mitrius Ballard (20-0), Tyrek Irby (7-0), Aaron Anderson (5-0) and also Brandon Quarles (20-4), was making it clear, he was message sending…”I think he lost his focus,” Ernesto said, and that success can change young people, and he understands that.

Hurd told Lem that word of this interview trickled to him on vacay. To sum up, Rodriguez ended by saying. “I think if he takes a step back and gets himself together he definitely can come back and be on top again, sooner or later.”

You and me don’t get the whole picture, we aren’t informed what was perhaps sapping Hurd’s energies. You can of course theorize, but only Hurd could weigh in and specify or clarify.

To me, that Rodriguez interview was not shocking, but was surprising, for how candid he was being. He wasn’t being politically correct, he was being up front. “That’s all it was but the truth hurts and a big head person sometimes can’t receive it especially when he has others all in his ears looking to pull us apart,” Rodriguez told me on July 6. “It was the best because I was done with the entire situation.”

This is an old story, and one we will see play out till infinity. The only consistent constant is change, and as circumstances changes, points of view do to.

Hurd told Lem he hadn’t picked a successor to Rodriguez, and we know that a Hurd vs. J-Roc bout will unfold in November or December.


Michael Woods
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