Is Wladimir Klitschko Coming Out Of Retirement?

Hey now, anything we should know?

That pic, out on IG early Sept. 5th, on the account of cruiserweight ace/pound for pound top tenner Oleksandr Usyk features the Ukrainian hitter next to boxing royalty, the retired heavyweight stalwart Wladimir Klitschko.

I mean, Wlad is retired still, right?

“Gorgeous sparring, with a big champion,” Usyk wrote.

Klitschko looks, on surface, to be fit, in fighting trim, basically. So, is there something we should all know? Is he getting the itch to glove up for real?

Wlad is 42, and said after fighting Anthony Joshua that he was done. No more combat for pay, he said, exiting the sphere at 64-5, a Hall of Fame plaque being readied for entry in 2022. In August 2017, he said thanks for the memories, and retired.

Is he staying retired?

I asked Egis Klimas, manager to Usyk. Egis, is Wlad coming back to fight?

“I do not know,” Klimas told me. “Maybe just keeping in shape.”

I went to Plan B; I messaged Bernd Bonte, who helped the Klitschkos do their business as Vitali and Wlad locked down the division for a lengthy spell. Bernd, is Wladimir coming back?

“No,” answered Bonte. “He has been constantly sparring since his retirement.”

So, there you have it. Door isn’t ajar, not as far as we know. But I don’t know, that sparring, staying in shape. Maybe we should be keeping Wlad on our watch list, the ‘maybe coming out of retirement’ section….

Michael Woods
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