J-Rock Says Hurd Got Over-Confident About Himself

The chatter from the Saturday win continues, with fight fans still lingering in the aura of that Julian Williams upset win over Jarrett Hurd on Saturday, on Hurd’s turf, in Virginia, near his MD home base.

Now, we can look back and ponder and try to get clarity on what level of an upset it was…

Williams came on the Randy and Gerry SIRIUS show and talked about that W, and got me thinking some more about where he rates, where Hurd rates and all that. “They didn’t overrate him but they underrated me. They made it seem like I was kind of like some stepping stone, and I was just going to come in and lay down. I think it gave Hurd a false sense of confidence, because they were pumping him up so much, they were promoting him so much. I think it kind of made his head a little bit big, he started smelling his own underarms a little bit…and I think it came back to bite him in the butt!”

That deserves an LOL…”smelling his own underarms a little bit,” not sure exactly what that means, but I like it.

J-Rock went on…he said he picked up on things, that it seemed to him like “it was gonna be a walk in the park.” He saw those guys as being very realxed, and he said he stayed quiet, because he wanted them to keep sleeping on them.

So…that is hindsight…what about next for J-Rock? He said money and glory will factor in. “Those are the first two things I worry about, the biggest fight for the most amount of money,” he shared. Yes, he’d like to avenge the loss to Jermall Charlo…but he could re-do the Hurd thing, and then battle the winner of the Jermell Charlo-Tony Harrison scrap, and then go to 160 and fight Jermall, in a sequel. “How great would that story be?”

Sagely, he noted that it will be hard; because he WAS being slept on..and now he will have a red Target sign on his back…

Talk to me, readers. What do YOU think should be next for the Philadelphia boxer, who impressed with his ring generalship, and post-win in-ring speech, when he shared that he’d been homeless as a teen, and so was truly able to feel the full depth of the victory?

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