Jacobs Will Pay Heavily For The Right To Be A Few Pounds Heavier

UPDATE: A Twitterer sent me this video, which has Jacobs saying that the per pound fine is NOT $250,000, but is in fact “just” $100,000 per pound….

People are not talking on the record, so there is less clarity than there could and should be, to be honest.

There was a drama scene at the weigh-in, and drama seen at the AM weigh in, which saw Brooklyner Danny Jacobs decided to pay a pretty pound for the right to be 3.6 pounds over the cap agreed to in the contract he signed ahead of his fight against Canelo Alvarez.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael reported that Jacobs, weighed after 8 AM Pacific time Saturday morning, would owe $250,000 for each pound he was over 170 pounds, ten pounds over the middleweight ceiling. Do the math…$250,000 times 3.6 is $900,000.

Jacobs advisor Keith Connolly didn’t return request for comment.

Golden Boy executive Eric Gomez replied to Everlast that he couldn’t comment on the matter. One would assume, perhaps, that there is language in the contract gagging the principals from speaking on the matter.

So, does it matter? Jacobs would be able to eat and drink what he wanted after that morning-of weigh in, and there’s no cap on what he could or would weigh as he walks up the four steps into the T-Mobile ring this evening. Maybe he wanted to eat and drink more so what he wanted after that late afternoon weigh in Friday, and decided he’d fork over some cash for that right.

That decision will either look smart, if he is able to exert a size edge versus the Mexican tonight; or it might feel like a bummer in retrospect if Canelo’s skill set speaks louder in Vegas tonight, if the “smaller” athlete is able to gain advantage thru other means. Then, he’ll have handed over nearly a million dollars in a gamble that went awry.

Drama seen…and more to come, in a few hours.


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